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      Unseen Enemy

      Health & wellness
      Hero - The Director of The Vaccine Confidence Project Separates Vaccination Fact From Fiction - boy being vaccinated
      Health & wellness

      The director of The Vaccine Confidence Project separates vaccination fact from fiction

      For World Immunization Week, we asked Heidi Larson, Ph.D., to share her thoughts on why there has been an uptick in people forgoing vaccines—and why they’re crucial to eliminating some of the world’s most pervasive diseases.
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      Unseen Enemy: Zika Mosquito Lede
      Latest news

      Unseen Enemy: The New Film That Looks at Why Viruses Like Zika, Ebola and Influenza Are So Prevalent

      The documentary, airing on CNN and presented by Johnson & Johnson, looks at how our modern lifestyle may be responsible for perpetuating these lethal viruses—and how everyday citizens can fight back.