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      Personal stories
      FINAL LEDE- 2 Entrepreneurs, 4 Mentors: How Johnson & Johnson Is Helping Empower Social Innovators in South Africa- Lede collage

      2 entrepreneurs, 4 mentors: How Johnson & Johnson is helping empower social innovators in South Africa

      For two weeks, female executives mentored two rising star businesswomen as part of a program co-sponsored by the U.S. State Department. We sat down with the mentees and mentors to share just how transformative the experience was—for everyone.
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      Mentees alone v2

      How Johnson & Johnson Is Helping Mentor the Next Generation of Global Women Leaders

      Last month, the company hosted two young businesswomen from India and Zimbabwe participating in the Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership. Watch moments from their two-week stay in this behind-the-scenes video.
      Health & wellness
      Resililency - Businesswoman and team

      Resiliency: The Buzzword That Could Take Your Career to New Heights

      See how this coachable mental skill can help you better overcome setbacks in the workplace.
      Personal stories
      Mentor Effect_Gongi Reddy Latha Kalyani and Elsa-Marie D’Silva with Jennifer Taubert

      The Mentor Effect: How Two Indian Women Are Improving the World

      Two rising star entrepreneurs who shadowed executives at Johnson & Johnson share how they’re using what they learned back home in India.