The novel coronavirus has exposed deeply rooted disparities across the healthcare system which disproportionately impact communities of color. The way to begin to pave the way for lasting change? Inclusive innovation, community outreach and policy work—and a passion for fighting for an equitable future.
Njira Lugogo, M.D., is a pulmonologist at the University of Michigan who is leading a clinical study of an investigational COVID-19 vaccine candidate. She helps answer common questions people may have about the process, from what people over 60 need to know to how participants are being kept safe during the pandemic.
Johnson & Johnson develops consumer products, medical devices and pharmaceuticals—and McEvoy is at the helm of its global Medical Devices Companies. She shares how she has navigated the pandemic, grown professionally and personally as a result, and helped impact the lives of millions during this unique moment in history.
Nurse entrepreneur Charlene Grace Platon
Treating patients day and night is just one part of the job description for this enterprising nurse, who has made it her mission to help fellow nurses persevere during the pandemic and beyond. And it's not her first great healthcare innovation.
Young students taking chewable mebendazole to help treat intestinal parasites
Imagine getting so sick from a preventable disease that you can't play or attend school—multiple times a year. For World Children's Day, we're sharing the story of Sheti and others just like her who now have a chance to take back their childhoods, thanks to a new formulation of a medication to treat intestinal worms.
Johnson & Johnson just announced the launch of a Phase 3 clinical trial for its COVID-19 vaccine candidate. But what does this step in the process really mean? We asked two experts whose job it is to test vaccines to help demystify the clinical trial process—step by step.
An older woman hugging a younger woman in front of a collage of photos
Johnson & Johnson and the National Academy of Medicine have collaborated on a competition to kick-start research that's poised to revolutionize the field of healthy longevity. Meet some of the researchers who have big ideas in the pursuit of "immorbidity."
Check out this infographic breakdown of the company’s third-quarter 2020 performance, with key highlights from its consumer, pharmaceutical and medical devices businesses.
Johnson & Johnson is one of many companies hard at work on an investigational COVID-19 vaccine candidate, which includes recruiting adult participants around the world for our Phase 3 clinical trials known as ENSEMBLE. Please note that by clicking this link, you’ll be leaving and going to a third-party website not governed by the privacy policy.
Live Event
The Road to a Vaccine
In Season 2 of The Road to a Vaccine, host Lisa Ling interviews scientists, global health leaders and other experts on the COVID-19 front lines to reveal the latest medical advances and collaborations to create a coronavirus vaccine—and hopefully a return to a world without the pandemic.
Season 2 Special
The Best Ways to Protect Yourself—and Others—From COVID-19
With the holidays coming soon, the U.S. is seeing its highest number of novel coronavirus cases to date. Dr. Alison Schwartz and Johnson & Johnson’s Dr. Paul Stoffels share tips on staying protected and quarantining effectively.

Recent Johnson & Johnson Initiatives in the Spotlight

Learn more about the company’s latest groundbreaking programs, game-changing innovations and global partnerships—all aimed at helping change the trajectory of health for humanity.
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