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It's National Engineers Week and what better time to spotlight the clever ways people are elevating innovation at the company—say, with a robot named YuMi.
In honor of Black History Month, learn how Johnson & Johnson has made it a mission to help address disparities in healthcare—from partnering with the Black AIDS Institute to reduce HIV infection rates to improving representation in clinical trials.
It's a lofty goal: improve the health, across the board, of future generations. But it's a mission that Johnson & Johnson is committed to. And thanks to groundbreaking work taking place across the company—from vaccine development to consumer product innovation—the future is looking very bright.
For National Cancer Prevention Month, we talked to a pair of top experts about common falsehoods about the disease—and what the latest science says about cancer prevention truths.
Image courtesy of Johnson & Johnson Archives
With Valentine’s Day upon us, it’s the perfect time to pay homage to an iconic couple featured in an ad for Red Cross® Kidney Plasters. Johnson & Johnson’s chief historian reveals why the public fell so madly in love with it.
What if there were a one-stop destination that could help you cope with a cancer diagnosis? Welcome to Cancer.com.