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      Supplier-enabled innovation

      Johnson & Johnson has built a strong, resilient supply base by integrating its suppliers as an expansion of our network and capabilities. Our suppliers reflect all facets of the communities we serve. Through our supplier-enabled innovation program, we leverage their diverse and unique expertise to co-create innovative solutions that address unmet needs and reimagine the future of health.
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      Our suppliers help us fulfill our mission to help transform healthcare with innovative supplier solutions.

      Securing the future of surgery, one staple at a time

      Faced with the challenge of improving stapling performance for consistent outcomes in challenging tissue, Ethicon drew inspiration from its broad and talented supplier base.

      At the heart of innovation: How China’s procurement team and AI are helping AFib patients

      In China, when the need for a highly advanced, nonsurgical treatment for atrial fibrillation (AFib) exceeded the supply of doctors trained in the lifesaving procedure, Johnson & Johnson’s Procurement team asked for a chance to help. Thanks to quick actions and truly disruptive thinking, a new innovation in sourced artificial intelligence (AI) is now responsible for training physicians and, in turn, changing the trajectory of health for AFib patients throughout the country.

      Curing cancer from within: The promise of cell therapy

      Harnessing the immune system to target cancer is the goal of a groundbreaking area of oncology research called cell therapy. And Johnson & Johnson is hard at work in the cutting-edge field, aiming to deliver potential new treatment options to people around the world.

      How the telehealth trend is revolutionizing medical care as we know it

      From backing an app that connects Black women to caregivers of color to developing a digital platform that supports surgical recovery, Johnson & Johnson is helping drive the surge of innovation in telemedicine.

      3 cutting-edge eye lenses designed to help improve how you see

      Multifocal contacts based on your pupil size. Intraocular lenses that adapt to our digital world. These are just some of the new Johnson & Johnson advances poised to change the future of vision care.

      The next frontier of prostate cancer care

      Certain gene mutations can dramatically increase the risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer. That’s why Johnson & Johnson is researching a new way to fight the disease—one that involves blocking cancer cells from repairing their own damaged DNA.

      More from Johnson & Johnson

      Inside the development of a revolutionary treatment for blood cancers

      In 2014, a Johnson & Johnson therapy gained approval for the treatment of a type of B-cell malignancy—increasing survival rates and changing the way scientists approach cancer treatment. These 8 milestone moments tell the transformational story.

      “I’m a scientist dedicated to bringing eye-health innovations to the world”

      Meet Xiao-Yu Song, Global Head of Research & Development for Vision at Johnson & Johnson, who leads a talented team that creates cutting-edge products addressing vision problems through all stages of life.

      What is IL-23?

      This pro-inflammatory protein is the target of potential Johnson & Johnson medications that could help treat autoimmune conditions such as psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease and rheumatoid arthritis.
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