A particular strain of the bacteria can be deadly for those over the age of 60—and it's not the kind that causes food poisoning. But this Janssen researcher is committed to finding a preventive treatment.
Creative recycling initiatives. Global sustainability pledges. Innovative products. In honor of Earth Day, we're taking a look at how the company is helping to increase recycling, reduce environmental impact and boost sustainability.
Check out this infographic breakdown of the company’s first-quarter 2019 performance, with key highlights from its consumer, pharmaceutical and medical devices businesses.
We retrace the 22-year journey it took to bring a potentially life-changing treatment for an aggressive form of the disease to patients who may benefit most.
The innovative contact lenses change from clear to dark in less than a minute, helping your eyes adjust to fluctuating light conditions, while also blocking out harmful UV rays. A scientist explains how it all works.
Up to 70% of nurses and nearly 55% of physicians report symptoms of burnout, which costs workplaces millions of dollars a year due to lost productivity and employee turnover and absenteeism—and impacts patient quality of care. But the CareAdvantage program is poised to help.
A new World Health Organization prequalification for mebendazole means the company can reach even more young people with intestinal worm infections around the globe.
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