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All In The Family: How 2 Working Parents Succeed

J&J mom Jenny is our latest employee author in our series, Parents @ Work. Jenny shares that being a mom who works outside the home is made possible by the unwavering support she receives from her extended family.
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In 2002, I was pregnant with twins and knew I wanted to make a career change from the world of politics. I wanted to work for a company that was family friendly and would support my new role as a mommy. After speaking to a close friend who worked for Ethicon, and combing through the Working Mother Magazine “Best Companies for Working Moms” list, my choice was clear: Johnson & Johnson was the way to go.

Getting hired seemed like the easy part. Next, I faced the ongoing dilemma of childcare. I wanted to be able to know my children were safewhile I was at work. My husband and I convinced my in-laws to move into our town just down the road and help care for the kids. It was a life changing move on their part, but I believe we all have benefitted. My mother-in-law is an amazing caretaker. By the time I arrived home from work each night, dinner would be made, laundry would be done, and she still seemed peppy and ready for the next challenge. It was such a comfort to know that when my husband and I would have to work late , the kids were in great hands.

Three years later, I was pregnant again, and we had settled into a great family routine. My kids have never missed out on playing sports, taking lessons, or having playdates. There is always a member of the support system on hand that can get them to the right place at the right time. In 2012, we welcomed our 4th child and wondered how we would juggle the same pace with four. I was eligible for a new work opportunity and we wanted to make sure it would meet our family dynamic. Around the same time my sister and brother-in-law moved into our neighborhood and my sister-in-law volunteered to help care for our kids along with her own. It has been another amazing blessing.

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My kids have grown up knowing that Mom and Dad both work, but there is always someone there for them. Instead of having one home they essentially have 3, and at any given time you can find them biking or scootering between locations. I have been spoiled by my mother-in-law’s amazing cooking , my sister-in-law’s caring nature, and my father-in-law’s go get ‘em attitude. My support system has allowed me to explore a career at Janssen that was beyond my original expectations and for that I am very thankful. When someone asks me if I get stressed out working and with four kids, I tell them no – because I know with my amazing support system behind me, somehow it all works out!

Jenny Carrell has been a Health Systems Manager with Janssen since 2003. She loves the fact that she works for a company that is supportive of working mothers. Her four children are her greatest joy and they ensure she never has a dull moment.

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