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      A doctor with stethoscope

      An expert explains the latest good—Yes, good!—news about lung cancer

      A new report from the American Cancer Society sheds light on declining death rates from cancer—especially lung cancer. We asked an expert on the disease to break down the data, and share what’s to come in better detecting and preventing it.
      FINAL LEDE- “I Have a Vision for Helping Advance Healthcare” Meet 6 Leaders Working on Inspiring Innovations in 2020- Lede Executive leaders roundup hero

      I have a vision for helping advance healthcare: Meet 6 leaders working on inspiring innovations in 2020

      From robotics solutions for orthopedic surgery to the potential to bring new hope to patients living with multiple myeloma through CAR-T, these are just some of the cutting-edge projects that these visionaries think could potentially help propel healthcare forward around the globe.
      Personal stories
      Lede- He Helped Pioneer Robotic Surgery. Now He Wants to Reinvent Lung Cancer Care- Fred Moll interactive

      He helped pioneer robotic surgery. Now he wants to reinvent lung cancer care

      Frederic Moll, M.D., has been called “the father of robotic surgery” for good reason—his inventions have helped pave the way for improved surgical procedures for decades. His new challenge: an innovation that has the potential to diagnose and treat disease at the same time.