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      Ask Margaret

      Our heritage
      Charms featuring Johnson & Johnson products from the 1960s

      The charming way Johnson & Johnson showed its love to employees in the 1960s

      In time for Valentine’s Day, we posed a heartfelt question to Johnson & Johnson’s Chief Historian: What artifact from the archives do you love best?
      Our heritage
      Edith Von Kuster (image courtesy of her family); Johnson & Johnson lab (image courtesy of Johnson & Johnson Archives)

      Meet the first female scientist Johnson & Johnson ever hired

      For Women’s Equality Day, our Chief Historian celebrates Edith Von Kuster’s groundbreaking role and how it set the tone for company culture in the century-plus to come.
      Our heritage
      Margaret Gurowitz in the Johnson & Johnson company archives

      What it’s like to be the custodian of Johnson & Johnson’s over 135-year history

      Not all companies have a Chief Historian. Then again, not all companies have such a long, rich heritage of innovation. Margaret Gurowitz explains the highlights—and delights—of her unique job.
      Our heritage
      Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest in North Carolina

      Remembering legendary poet Joyce Kilmer—and his surprising link to Johnson & Johnson

      As Memorial Day approaches, we’re honoring the life of the famous poet and service member, known for his iconic “Trees” poem, who was the son of the company’s first Scientific Director—and a writer for Johnson & Johnson.
      Our heritage
      PROMO ONLY/HP OVERRIDE- Slam Dunk: How Women at Johnson & Johnson Pioneered Company Basketball- Women's basketball team 1907

      Slam Dunk: How women at Johnson & Johnson pioneered company basketball

      With college basketball tournaments in full swing, we’re passing on company hoops history that dates back more than a century.
      Our heritage
      Actor Fred Thomson demonstrating how to use a Johnson & Johnson first aid kit to Boy Scouts

      Lights, camera, action! Fun stories of when Hollywood played a starring role in Johnson & Johnson’s history

      In time for awards show season, we roll out our own red carpet to reveal which old-school stars and starlets of the silver screen had connections to the company.
      Our heritage
      A Local High School Student (Left) Spent the Day Alongside CEO General Robert Wood Johnson (Right)

      A day in modern industry: The Johnson & Johnson program that gave high school kids a peek into the working world

      Before there was Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, this trailblazing program gave thousands of students the chance to shadow people across the company.
      Our heritage
      Laurel Club Entertaining Committee

      Meet the women behind Johnson & Johnson’s long legacy of employee volunteerism

      As Thanksgiving approaches, we’re taking a look at the giving back ethos of the historic Laurel Club—an all-women employee group that helped lay the groundwork for the company’s lasting dedication to helping those in need.
      Our heritage
      Hero- Ask Margaret: Multicultural Advertising- Spanish Ad Shaving Cream PRICE REMOVED

      How Johnson & Johnson embraced immigrants in the early 1900s

      To help support the influx of immigrants that were calling America home in the early 20th century, the company translated its ads and materials for pharmacists into 15 languages.
      Our heritage
      Hot Dog

      Hot dog! Why Johnson & Johnson once had a sausage casing business

      Fun fact for your next summer BBQ: The company holdings once included the premier sausage casing manufacturer. Our in-house historian gets to the meat of the story.