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      Our heritage
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      The Johnson & Johnson historic product heat index: 11 of the hottest company innovations

      From the creation of sterile surgical sutures in 1887 to the debut of the first water-resistant sunscreen in 1976, these products were some of the most significant inventions of their time.
      Our heritage
      Stocking Stuffers: Mantle

      Hang Your Stockings With Care: 6 Vintage Stocking Stuffers Made by Johnson & Johnson

      These items from the company’s archives—like the first consumer product Johnson & Johnson ever sold—likely filled many a Christmas stocking.
      Our heritage
      Vertical Heritage_Halloween Bandaid Pumpkin

      Vintage spooky ads from Johnson & Johnson

      In time for Halloween, we dig into our archives to spotlight frighteningly clever advertisements from as far back as 1887.