Focusing on Wellness & Prevention

Health care systems around the world, as well as individuals, are seeking products and services that can reduce preventable chronic disease and sustain good health and well-being. Johnson & Johnson remains committed to expanding the ways in which we care for people by helping individuals work toward and maintain good health.

Enhancing Health & Wellness

Disease prevention is an important way to deliver on our mission of enhancing lives around the world. One of the ways we achieve this is by working directly with organizations to improve the health of their employees.

“We believe that the health of employees is inextricably linked to the health and performance of an organization, so we offer solutions that empower people to be well and perform at their best,” says Calvin Schmidt, President, Wellness & Prevention, Inc. “Each customized solution is grounded in a deep understanding of our customer’s unique cultural and organizational dynamics. We partner with each organization to nurture and sustain a strong culture of health.”

The mission of Wellness & Prevention is to drive improved health and productivity by offering an integrated and comprehensive total health solution. Some of the unique offerings include an innovative and highly scalable digital health coaching solution, and a state-of-the-art training solution that maximizes energy for performance.

HealthMedia, Inc. is a provider of web-based digital health coaching solutions that effectively emulate a live health coaching or counseling session over the web. The digital health coach draws on the experience and expertise of hundreds of health care professionals, applying best practices and the latest scientific research and evidence to create a unique and personalized action plan for each individual.

Digital health coaching can easily and inexpensively reach large populations in many different employer and health care settings, while offering the same benefits of one-on-one, personalized coaching. The digital coach helps individuals improve their behaviors in areas such as weight and stress management, sleep quality, physical activity, smoking cessation, chronic condition management, depression, and taking medication as directed by their health care provider. Results include reduced medical costs, increased productivity and performance, and cost savings for health plans and employers.

The Human Performance Institute™ trains individuals to expand and manage their energy capacity so they can improve their health and achieve high performance both personally and professionally. The unique energy management training system is a proven, personalized and multi-disciplinary approach built on the sciences of performance psychology, exercise physiology and nutrition. This approach has been shown to have a positive impact on performance in high-stress arenas such as business, sports, medicine and law enforcement.

To enhance the health and wellness of consumers, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. developed UPLIV™, a personal online stress management solution based on science that empowers women to effectively manage and reduce their stress. The program includes a stress analysis, a personal stress management digital health coaching program and personal care products to improve overall well-being.

Caring for Employees

Johnson & Johnson has a long history of creating effective workplace health and wellness programs that improve employee health and productivity and achieve documented savings.

Watch the video to learn how our health and wellness programs help employees stay fit and healthy.

Johnson & Johnson employees have used HealthMedia® products since 2003, and roughly 8,000 U.S. employees have participated in one or more programs. Success is measurable: For example, 58 percent of participants in a stress management program saw improvement in six months; 42 percent of employees in a smoking-cessation program quit within six months; and 55 percent of those in a weight-loss program had success.

Our focus on health and wellness among our U.S. workforce has helped reduce per-capita health-plan costs by $400 per employee per year (based on 2007 data) and significantly improved overall employee health and productivity.

While reducing costs is certainly one benefit of prevention, there’s more. “Preventing disease means preventing pain and suffering, and helping people lead healthier, more productive lives. That’s a tremendous and inspiring goal,” says Calvin.


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