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      Office of the Chief Medical Officer

      The Johnson & Johnson Office of the Chief Medical Officer (OCMO) is a global, functionally independent group of medical and scientific professionals working across Johnson & Johnson to guide excellence in product safety and development. We apply our expertise in safety science, epidemiology, and bioethics to inform evidence- and science-based product decisions that put people first. The OCMO also chairs the Pharmaceutical Development Committee, which reviews product development plans to ensure that our products address unmet needs and benefit the people who will ultimately use them.

      Delivering medical safety excellence that puts people first

      Driven by the needs of the people who use our products, our focus is to provide safe products for
      the people who use them.
      Preclinical science
      Preclinical science

      Driving excellence in safety at Johnson & Johnson

      A Q&A with Gary Eichenbaum, Ph.D., Vice President, Translational Science and Safety, Office of the Chief Medical Officer, Johnson & Johnson

      Decisions through real-world data

      We are leading the way in new approaches for generating high-quality and reliable real-world evidence to inform important product decisions.
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      What is real-world evidence and how does it help patients?

      As Johnson & Johnson’s Vice President and Global Head of Epidemiology, Josh Gagne and his team study real-world data to further understand the safety and effectiveness of our products across many different kinds of patients and clinical environments to help inform important decisions that ultimately improve care for patients

      Ethical scientific practices & policies

      We champion bioethical principles to guide scientific innovation and collaborate to advance people-centric product development and responsible data sharing practices.
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      How Johnson & Johnson is helping patients through its compassionate use program

      The company’s mission is to care for the world—one person at a time. Learn how Johnson & Johnson is leading the charge to improve the process by which very sick patients may apply for access to investigational medications.
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