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      10 ways Johnson & Johnson is on a mission to advance health for all people—everywhere

      In recognition of World Health Day on April 7, company leaders explain what #HealthForAll means to them—and how that commitment shapes everything they do on the job.

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      Good health.

      You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who wouldn’t list this as one very important key to a happy life. But the reality is that many people around the world don’t have access to the kind of reliable, affordable healthcare that enables children, families and communities to thrive—and countries to prosper.
      Now here’s a thought: What if you worked at a company that had 130,000-plus employees, in practically every corner of the globe, who all shared the same mission: finding ways to help people have good health.

      It’s not that far-fetched an idea when you work at Johnson & Johnson.

      In honor of that mission—and #HealthForAll, the theme of this year’s World Health Day—we tapped top thinkers across the company to answer one question: “How are you committed to advancing better health for all people, everywhere?”

      Their responses reveal just how many different forms that pledge can take when 130,000-plus employees are all working toward the same goal.

      Sandi Peterson, Group Worldwide Chair

      #HealthForAll … By Creating People-Focused Solutions

      “At Johnson & Johnson, we pride ourselves on putting people first by combining technology, behavior science and care-centered design to personalize and improve health and well-being for all.

      Take Health Partner—a digital platform designed to help patients prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for surgery by connecting them with their healthcare team to ensure customized, real-time care, so we can get people back to living their lives.”
      Jennifer Taubert, Company Group Chairman, Pharmaceuticals, The Americas

      #HealthForAll … By Targeting Unmet Medical Needs

      “As the world’s largest healthcare company, we’re inspired by patients who bravely face enormous challenges; we are called on to be just as courageous in our fight against the world’s most devastating diseases.

      That’s why we are committed to developing transformational medicines that make a difference for patients in key areas of unmet need—areas such as cancer, infectious disease, serious mental illness, autoimmune and other inflammatory diseases, pulmonary hypertension and cardiovascular and metabolic disease.

      Additionally, we believe in helping to develop a more results-based approach that delivers what we all want: greater access to care at a more manageable cost and, most importantly, better health for us all.”
      Lauren Moore, Vice President, Global Community Impact

      #HealthForAll … By Thinking Locally and Globally

      “A good idea can come from anyone, anywhere. That’s why, at Johnson & Johnson, we innovate with a local focus to help empower those on the front lines of care. By leveraging health technology and integrated partnerships, our approach champions not only individuals’ health—through programs like Born On Time, which is focused on preventing preterm birth—but also strengthens whole networks of care, with programs like NurseConnect, which helps to build peer support and learning communities among nurses and midwives in South Africa.

      As the front line evolves—be it a lab, a clinic or a boardroom—we have never been more poised to change human health than now because we know with good health, anything is possible.”
      Jaak Peters, Head of Global Public Health

      #HealthForAll … By Accelerating Innovation

      “Health for all means reaching everyone, everywhere. At Johnson & Johnson Global Public Health, our ultimate goal is to change the trajectory of health for the world’s most underserved people because we know that good health is the cornerstone of sustainable development. When people are healthy, they can go to school, take care of their families and contribute productively to their economies, so entire communities and nations thrive.

      Harnessing the extensive resources and expertise from across Johnson & Johnson, we are using big for good to accelerate the pace of innovation needed—from product discovery to delivery—to tackle some of today’s most pressing public health challenges. Through our efforts to make TB and HIV history, eliminate intestinal worms, address mental health and drive progress against other diseases, we are helping to make health for all a reality.”
      Joanne Waldstreicher, M.D., Chief Medical Officer

      #HealthForAll … By Putting Safety First

      “It’s a privilege to be in a position to make a difference in people’s lives—and one we take to heart. We aim to improve the health of all by working to improve medical safety, and keeping the needs of patients and consumers at the forefront through programs that are driven by compassion, guided by science and built on a foundation of bioethics.

      We developed the Yale University Open Data Access (YODA) Project, for instance, which enables scientists around the world to access data from Johnson & Johnson’s clinical trials so they can advance medicine and our collective understanding of disease.”
      Disease knows no boundaries, nor does it discriminate; the entire globe is its playing field, and only the best ideas in science can help ultimately prevent, intercept or cure the health challenges we face today as a human race.
      Melinda Richter

      Paul Stoffels, M.D., Chief Scientific Officer

      #HealthForAll … By Raising the Bar on Research

      “At Johnson & Johnson, we unleash the power of science to enhance and advance the health of everyone, everywhere. We relentlessly pursue scientific breakthroughs—from within our walls and in the farthest corners of the world through strategic partnerships—because patients are waiting for new solutions.

      Whether it’s cancer, better surgical outcomes via less-invasive technologies or the highest-quality consumer products, our scientists work tirelessly to find the best answers to today’s healthcare challenges.”
      Lynda Benton, Senior Director, Corporate Equity & Partnerships

      #HealthForAll … By Being a Champion of Nurses

      “At Johnson & Johnson, supporting nurses has been at the heart of our Credo responsibility for decades. We have always believed in nurses as the backbone of the healthcare system, so in 2002, we launched the Campaign for Nursing to improve perceptions of the nursing profession and drive recruitment and retention of nurses.

      Today we are evolving the campaign to champion nursing innovation that is profoundly impacting patient outcomes, advocating for nursing recruitment that emphasizes increased diversity and inclusion to deliver culturally competent care and building the skills of nurses to prepare them for the demands of our evolving healthcare system.

      We will continue to advocate for a world where nurses are empowered, recognized and valued as critical change-makers in the trajectory of health for humanity. Nurses change the world—and that changes everything.”

      Wanda Bryant Hope, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer

      #HealthForAll … By Tackling Healthcare Disparities

      “We are leading efforts to mitigate the effects of healthcare disparities in a number of ways. For children and their parents, we are partnering with Genius Plaza, a multicultural education platform, to educate them about healthy behaviors and nutrition.

      Many of our brands also have targeted engagement and education initiatives to diverse communities, especially when they are disproportionately affected by a condition, such as the increasing rates of HIV infections among African-Americans. We are also increasing diversity in clinical trials to better understand how our drugs affect all potential patients.”

      Paulette Frank, Worldwide Vice President, Environment, Health, Safety & Sustainability

      #HealthForAll … By Embracing—and Advancing—Sustainability

      “Human health and environmental health are inextricably linked. We are working with partners to amplify the message that healthy people need a healthy planet, and are committed to continuing our long-standing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste at our manufacturing sites.

      We also embed sustainability into our product innovation process through a program we call Earthwards®. These are just some of the ways we care for the planet like the health of humanity depends on it—because it does.”
      Melinda Richter, Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS

      #HealthForAll … By Seeking Out Big Ideas Around the World

      “On World Health Day, we reinforce our commitment to nurture scientists and entrepreneurs who are working diligently to deliver the next generation of breakthrough solutions for patients globally.

      From the 1,700-plus applicants received for our JLABS QuickFire Challenges to the $10 billion our JLABS start-up companies have raised over the past five years, we know that a great idea can come from anywhere. Disease knows no boundaries, nor does it discriminate; the entire globe is its playing field, and only the best ideas in science can help ultimately prevent, intercept or cure the health challenges we face today as a human race.

      At JLABS, we are constantly searching for people with big ideas, and we will continue providing a place where those ideas can come to fruition to make health for all a reality.”

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