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Champions of Science

Lewis Cantley, Ph.D. Named 2020 Award Winner for the Discovery of PI3K Enzyme and its Role in Wide Range of Diseases from Diabetes to Cancer

cience is everywhere. It impacts our lives in every imaginable way. From antibiotics and telecommunications, to genomics, precision medicine and 3-D printing, science has improved the human condition, leading to longer, healthier, happier lives for people all over the world. But science can also seem mysterious and complex. Now more than ever, science needs champions!

As a global healthcare company, the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies is uniquely positioned to champion the role of science in society. We have launched Champions of Science®, a multifaceted initiative to convene and catalyze champions of science, and engage people of all generations and backgrounds to see the unlimited opportunities that science brings.

Our Areas of Focus

The medical challenges the world faces today require the brightest minds, out-of-the-box thinkers and enthusiastic problem-solvers to develop breakthrough solutions. We are proud to work with many partners to fuel the passion and create opportunities for the next generation of innovators.
Through stories and programs that underscore the importance of science to society and its relevance to our everyday lives, we work to make science more relatable and human, and inspire more people to get personally engaged in championing science.
Each year, we recognize the women and men who dedicate their lives to driving cutting-edge research that advances the trajectory of health for humanity.
Watch Replay
Eureka Moments: Vaccine Science Superheroes
Watch as we showcase the stories of the remarkable scientists behind the COVID-19 vaccines, unveil the winners of the 2021 Dr. Paul Janssen Award for Biomedical Research and explore what the pandemic has taught us about health equity.
Lawrence Mahan, Ph. D., President, Biotechnology Institute
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For the past 26 years through the BioGENEius Challenge program, the Biotechnology Institute has recognized the 'best of the best' high school researchers from the U.S., Canada, Australia and Germany at the BIO international conference. We are proud to be a partner with Champions of Science at Johnson & Johnson in fostering STEM education and supporting these future innovators.

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Nathalie Munyampenda, Managing Director, Next Einstein Forum
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One of the stereotypes we are trying to break to accelerate the uptake and funding of science and innovation in Africa is that science is not a viable career. We do this through role modeling with our incredible NEF Fellows, through the fun-for-all-ages Africa Science Week that runs in over 30 countries and through a compelling Scientific African Magazine that brings science closer to the public. We need to shift the conversation by actively celebrating scientists and innovators and investing in the next generation of scientists for the global good.

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Ellis Rubinstein
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To address the global challenges of the future, we need to identify and support next-generation STEM talent today. The New York Academy of Sciences is proud to partner with Johnson & Johnson on initiatives like the Global STEM Alliance, which is working to increase the number and diversity of students in the STEM pipeline.

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Margaret A. Hamburg
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Growing up on a college campus as the child of two medical school professors, I learned early on that science could be not only the pathway toward a rewarding and interesting life but also an invaluable tool for making the world a better place.

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Paul Stoffels
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Our goal is to unleash the power of science and technology to advance the health of everyone, everywhere.

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Science and technology can create a healthier future for all of us. Today, more than ever, science needs champions who can engage society in a broad way.

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