cience is everywhere. Science is discovery … opportunity … fun… hope. But science can also seem complex and shrouded in mystery. It can be hard to make the connection between research in a lab and the impact it has on our everyday lives. Through stories and programs that underscore the importance of science to society and its relevance to our everyday lives, we work to make science more relatable and human, and inspire more people to get personally engaged in championing science.

Champions of Science® Storytelling Challenge

Johnson & Johnson launched the Champions of Science Storytelling Challenge in 2018 to uncover the stories of passionate scientists and innovators who are working to make an impact in their communities around the world.

It brings [me] much joy and fulfillment to know it’s possible to make tangible research findings to improve society in a sustainable way, create jobs and improve livelihood.

Africa Storytelling Challenge: Dr. Askwar Hilonga

What does my Ph.D. mean, what does all this fame mean, if I cannot use it to solve challenges?

Africa Storytelling Challenge: Elizabeth Kperrun

I believe it is important to tell stories of science; such stories inspire the younger generation, just as they inspired us to innovate and create an even better world.

Philippa N. Makobore

It is important to tell stories of science to inspire future innovators and leaders, especially stories of African ingenuity that validate the importance of solving African problems with African solutions.

Africa Storytelling Challenge: Levit Nudi

Science is an important multidisciplinary field that applies in day-to-day life situations; from semi-literate makers of indigenous medicine to big pharmaceutical corporations manufacturing modern medicinal drugs.

My ultimate goal is to return to Nigeria to lead research into AD [Alzheimer’s disease] and along the way, inspire millions of Africans that would facilitate Africa's rise as a science superpower.

Janssen Healthy Minds is a content series that discusses progress made in research and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and mood disorders and offers insights for people living with mental illness as well as those closest to them.

The Art of Ending Stigma

The Art of Ending Stigma is a global project striving to enhance the conversation about eliminating stigma while calling out the importance of scientific insights about mental illnesses. In collaboration with leading mental health and art organizations, the project encourages the public to share original artistic expressions to demonstrate how art can help transcend mental illnesses and lead to better understanding of them.

coLaboratory for the Future

Launched in 2018 at the World Economic Forum, The Johnson & Johnson coLaboratory for the Future is a space for world leaders, J&J senior leaders, our partners, journalists and up-and-coming young innovators to engage in dialogue, debate and discussion about science innovation, inclusion and positive societal impact.

During the June 2019 Biotechnology Innovation Organization’s (BIO) International Convention in Philadelphia, PA, attended by 17,000 biotech professionals, the Johnson & Johnson coLaboratory for the Future team produced several feature interviews which included some major announcements. Please watch the videos below.

At the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA

Featured Innovation Stories

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