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Payment Breakdown

On June 30, 2021, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) published industry-wide Open Payments data for the period between January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020 on the Open Payments website ( .

In addition to information posted on the CMS website, and in an effort to provide the most accurate and timely information, Johnson & Johnson has voluntarily posted the aggregated data for our companies covered by Open Payments, as submitted on March 31, 2021. Please note, due to the CMS data review process, there may be differences between the aggregated totals for data posted here and aggregated totals derived from currently available data on the CMS website. Numbers contained in charts below are shown in $1,000s.

From These Collaborations Come Great Innovations

Janssen has launched 18 new molecular entities since 2011.
Obesity is rapidly becoming a global epidemic. Obese patients are also impacted by known co-morbidities like increased cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis and diabetes. Company funded pre-clinical and clinical research has impacted the medical community’s understanding of these co-morbidities. Patients and the medical community have benefited from evidence-based treatment options.
In the United States, incidence rates for femoral shaft fractures increase with age and are greater in women than men. Of the total femoral shaft fractures, 85% of these were fragility fractures sustained by elderly patients. Building on its history of innovation in hip and femur fracture repair, we have collaborated with leading surgeons to develop the Femoral Recon Nail System, an integrated nailing system that provides comprehensive surgical options for the treatment of a wide variety of femoral shaft fractures. The Femoral Recon Nail System was designed to enhance anatomic fit and offers a range of start points, which may improve patient outcomes and reduce the risk of postoperative complications.
Consulting Fee
Consulting Fee
The advancement of minimally invasive surgery into more specialized and serious conditions, such as cancer and obesity. As a pioneer in the field of minimally invasive surgery, our collaborations with the surgical community changed the way many common surgeries are performed. Through our continued partnership, the field has progressed in recent years. Our goal is to develop devices that can assist with the removal of cancerous tumors that are more precise and efficient such as our innovative energy and endocutter devices developed in collaboration with surgeons who use them to treat their patients.
Consulting Fee
Consulting Fee
Reproducible cardiac ablation procedures that improve patient outcomes. In over 20 Training Expertise Centers around the U.S., skilled physicians who have mastered the use of our ablation tools, like the THERMOCOOL SMARTTOUCH® Contact Force Sensing Catheter and the CARTO® 3 3-D mapping system, share best practices with their peers regarding procedural techniques, patient management and follow-up.
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