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Payment breakdown

On June 30, 2024, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) published industry-wide Open Payments data for the period between January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023 on the Open Payments website (

In addition to information posted on the CMS website, and in an effort to provide the most accurate and timely information, Johnson & Johnson has voluntarily posted the aggregated data for our companies covered by Open Payments, as submitted on March 31, 2024. Please note, due to the CMS data review process, there may be differences between the aggregated totals for data posted here and aggregated totals derived from currently available data on the CMS website. Numbers contained in charts below are shown in $1,000s.
Open Payments Breakdown for 2023


Clinical studies and research that provide valuable scientific and clinical information about the medicines and medical devices that improve patients’ lives

Compensation for services (other than consulting)

Payment for work (aside from consulting), which may include serving as faculty or a speaker at a venue other than a continuing education program; fees for speaking at a program on our company’s behalf

Royalty or license

Payment of royalty or license fees for inventions or significant contributions toward the development of a new innovation, often based on product sales over a predetermined period

Consulting fee

Compensation for services such as product development, training, development of educational materials and disease management programs, and unblinded market research

Food & beverage

Meals, whether paid directly or reimbursed, provided in conjunction with consulting services, training, educational activities and other business discussions with physicians

Travel & lodging

Compensation for business travel and accommodations, whether paid directly or reimbursed, in conjunction with consulting services and product training


Sponsorship of an educational event, patient advocacy event, or publication; sponsorship of fellowships for fellow and resident training; certified independent educational activities (i.e., activities certified by a continuing medical education provider); non-certified medical education activities


Medical textbooks, scientific journal articles

Space rental (facility fees)

Reimbursement of space rental or facility fees (teaching hospitals only); booth or exhibit space rental; facility rental for product training or clinical studies.

Debt forgiveness

Related to forgiveness of debt


Buyout payments made in relation to the acquisition of a company


Payment for a service provided (such as making a speech) on which custom or propriety forbids a price to be set

Charitable contribution

Monetary donation (includes only charitable contributions required to be disclosed under Open Payments)


Category to be used when there is no other appropriate category available; Open Payments categories are specified by regulation and do not provide an “Other” category option

Compensation for faculty

Indirect payment by a third-party organization to speakers at an educational program, funded by an educational grant from a J&J company

From these collaborations come great innovations

Innovation is essential to develop new treatments and therapies that benefit patients. It requires collaboration – often in the form of research activities and consulting arrangements. Consultants provide us with valuable insights in numerous areas of expertise, allowing us to improve the products and services available to patients in our continuing efforts to improve patient outcomes.

These service arrangements are important to obtain services or information from individuals who possess special knowledge, capabilities, expertise, qualifications, and/or experience.

At Janssen, we bring together the best research and development teams in the world, harnessing breakthroughs in science and technology to address unmet medical needs and transform people’s lives across several therapeutic areas: cardiovascular, metabolism, retinal disease and pulmonary hypertension, immunology, infectious diseases and vaccines, neuroscience and oncology.

Company funded pre-clinical and clinical research has impacted the medical community’s understanding of these therapeutic areas, and patients have benefited from the resulting evidence-based treatment options.

Since 2011, Janssen has delivered 20 new medicines and is innovating in new ways by applying data science, embracing new technologies and digital health and investing in early discovery, production and supply, to accelerate the development of life-changing treatments and therapies

We value the contributions of talented experts from across the globe who help us identify and utilize the best science in the world. Health care professionals may make significant contributions to the development of new products or other technology and, in some cases, may be inventors named on patents on our company products.

Impact in Action: In the United States, incidence rates for femoral shaft fractures increase with age. As such, 85% of total femoral shaft fractures were fragility fractures in elderly patients. Building on its history of innovation in hip and femur fracture repair, we have collaborated with leading surgeons to develop the Femoral Recon Nail System, an integrated nailing system that provides comprehensive surgical options for the treatment of a wide variety of femoral shaft fractures. The Femoral Recon Nail System was designed to enhance anatomic fit and offers a range of start points, which may improve patient outcomes and reduce the risk of postoperative complications.

Charitable Contributions
Our giving focuses on making life changing, lasting differences in the health of people who do not have access to medicine or quality medical care. For Open Payments, Charitable Contributions are only reported when the donation is provided to a teaching hospital.

Company-Sponsored Research
Our companies collaborate with physicians, teaching hospitals, and other health care professionals and entities to conduct clinical studies and research to bring life-changing products to patients. Clinical trials are conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety of medicines and medical devices in patients and are an essential step in developing effective new medicines and treatments.

Our companies also work with health care professionals to conduct non-clinical research such as laboratory studies and tests.

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