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      World AIDS Day

      World AIDS Day

      With an estimated 37 million people currently living with HIV globally and 2.1 million people becoming newly infected each year, Johnson & Johnson stands united with the global community to fight HIV and care for those infected, and impacted.

      We are working to ensure every baby is born HIV-free, adolescents and adults stay HIV-free, and those living with HIV have access to the medicines they need. This site shares some of the stories of progress and hope we see today.
      A large group of students in green school uniforms standing outside for an assembly

      Featured stories

      Global Health Equity
      World AIDS Day_Stoffels Video 1

      Dr. Paul Stoffels reports on progress in fighting AIDS

      Dr. Paul Stoffels has spent much of his career fighting AIDS. He is the Chief Scientific Officer of Johnson & Johnson, who started his career working in Africa, researching the mysterious and frightening disease that would soon become known as AIDS.
      Personal stories
      Live and Thrive with HIV: Kevin Maloney at Podium

      What it’s like to live—and thrive—when you have HIV

      When the first cases were reported 35 years ago, it meant certain death. But thanks to advances in science, people with HIV can now lead healthy lives. People like activist Kevin Maloney, who’s on a mission to ensure others like him get that chance.

      Nyumbani is changing the story of AIDS in Africa

      Global Health Equity

      Meet the children of Nyumbani

      A portrait of Nyumbani Village where 1,000 children impacted by HIV live.
      Global Health Equity

      The Nyumbani Choir

      The song of life is the song heard here.
      Global Health Equity
      A young boy in classroom at the Kenyan village of Nyumbani, a home where 1,000 children impacted by HIV live

      Spread my wings

      A portrait of Nyumbani featuring a song performed by Grace Wairimu, a child of Nyumbani.

      m2m: Ending mother to child HIV transmission

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