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World AIDS Day
The Big Disease With the Little Name
Award-winning playwright and actress Danai Gurira shares a personal story of growing up in Africa to commemorate World AIDS Day 2016

On December 1, World AIDS Day, we remember, we hope, and we keep working toward an HIV-free world.

With an estimated 37 million people currently living with HIV globally, and 2.1 million people becoming newly infected each year, Johnson & Johnson stands united with the global community to fight HIV and care for those infected—and impacted—by this disease.

We are working to ensure every baby is born HIV-free, adolescents and adults stay HIV-free, and those living with HIV have access to the medicines they need.

In the video above, actress Danai Gurira, who has partnered with Johnson & Johnson to help fight the disease, recounts what it was like to witness the AIDS crisis unfold in Africa.

Visit jnj.com/HIV to see additional stories of progress and hope as we reflect on World AIDS Day 2016.