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6 Cool Products That Can Help You Survive Winter

Baby, it's cold outside—and inside, thanks to these products designed to give you an icy, healing blast this cold weather season.
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Brrrr! It's the first day of winter, but even when the temps plunge, there are still times when your body could use some cooling.

Say what?

From a heartburn medication that could come in handy this decadent holiday season to a pain gel that can help provide relief when you've spent hours shoveling snow, these go-to products can help get you through the challenges of winter.

An Arctic Blast of Pain Relief
When your joints are on fire with aches from shoveling, sledding and ice skating, Bengay® Cold Therapy Gel can help put out the flames by relieving minor muscle and joint pain associated with a simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains.

The gel contains the active ingredient menthol, which provides a soothing blast of cool at the site of pain.

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Drops to Chill Burning Eyes
Winter means lower humidity in the air, both inside and outside—and that can lead to dry, gritty, uncomfortable eyes.

Ease the irritation with Visine® All Day Comfort Dry Eye. It starts to relieve dry eyes in seconds, providing lasting comfort and protection against further irritation.

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An Icy After-Dinner Tablet to Aid Indigestion
The holidays are prime time for heartburn and acid reflux, both of which can be triggered by overeating and an abundance of fatty foods (pass the pie, Mom!).

To help ease the burn, keep a bottle of Pepcid Complete® Cool Mint Flavor handy. One tablet works fast to relieve that sour, burning sensation after a meal.

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A Brisk and Energizing Facial Cleanser
Having trouble waking up on cold, dark winter days? Try adding some zip into your morning routine.

Neutrogena® Deep Clean® Invigorating Foaming Scrub is a cooling gel that cleanses and exfoliates, removing dirt, oil, makeup and dead skin cells—and leaving your dry winter skin feeling invigorated.

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The Coolest (Literally) Bandages for Kids
Four years after the animated film Frozen debuted in theaters, children still won’t let it go. So when it comes to covering their cuts and scrapes this winter, Walt Disney® Frozen™ BAND-AID® Brand adhesive bandages are a must to have on hand.

Featuring characters Anna, Elsa, Olaf and more, the bandages are a popular addition to the full collection of decorative cartoon-themed BAND-AID® Brand adhesive bandages, and come in multiple sizes for all manner of boo-boos ... or just accessorizing to your kid’s content.

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Sunscreen That Cools You Off
Don’t forget to pack sunscreen for your winter getaway to the Caribbean. And if you’re planning to be super-active when you get there, chances are you’ll want a formulation that won’t leave your skin feeling sticky and sweaty.

Neutrogena® CoolDry Sport Sunscreen Spray features Micromesh™ Technology, allowing perspiration to pass through the product and evaporate, leaving you cool, clean-feeling and sun-protected.

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Can you guess which company product flew 238,900 miles into space? Or the one that went to Antarctica? Find out in this video.

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