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      9 ways Johnson & Johnson has revolutionized baby care

      From its beginnings in 1894, the Johnson’s® baby line has helped little ones get a healthier, happier start in life with innovative products and baby care solutions—and it’s continuing the tradition by welcoming some exciting new additions to the family.

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      Millions. That’s how many babies around the globe have benefited from the groundbreaking, science-based products that Johnson & Johnson has created since launching its iconic line of baby products in 1894.

      From pioneering a way to help make home births safer in the late 19th century to creating a three-step bedtime routine that’s been clinically proven to help little ones get to sleep faster (and stay asleep longer!), Johnson & Johnson has been at the forefront of helping parents safely care for their little ones.

      This month, the brand behind such classics as Johnson’s® Baby Lotion and Johnson’s® Baby Shampoo is adding an exciting new chapter to its nearly 125-year history: It’s announcing the relaunch of its line of baby washes, shampoos, lotions and creams made with more naturally derived ingredients—and also introducing a new, cutting-edge CottonTouch™ newborn line. All of the new products hit store shelves this August.

      “We teamed up with moms from around the world to help us co-create the updated line of products to be simpler, 100% gentle and purposeful,” says Sandrine Alvarado, Senior Director, Global Baby R&D, Johnson & Johnson Consumer.

      As part of the relaunch, new labeling will include an age/stage icon to better help parents select products for their babies—plus the packaging, which has sported the same look since 1973, is getting a refresh.

      “The new bottles have been modeled after the No More Tears® teardrop shape that parents recognize as the unmistakable landmark of Johnson’s gentleness,” Alvarado explains. “They’ve also been engineered for even better ergonomics, making it easier for parents to grip the bottles with one hand.”

      Whether you have fond memories of bath time as a kid or you’re creating your own memorable rituals with your baby, check out this fun video of products that have helped define baby care as we know it—and some new ones that aim to carry on that legacy for generations to come.

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      We put your baby’s safety first

      Every day, Johnson & Johnson goes the extra mile to ensure the products you use on your little ones are as safe as can be.

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