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      Nod Mom-Baby video capture

      Nod™: The digital coach designed to help your baby sleep better

      Is your little one keeping you up at night? This new app could help answer some of your late-night “I need more sleep!” prayers.

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      It’s a question that has mystified new parents since the dawn of time: “How in the world do I get this child to go to sleep?”
      Thanks to novel 21st-century technology—and a partnership between Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. and Rest Devices, Inc., makers of the Mimo™ Baby Monitor—the answer (and those much-needed Zzzzs) could now be far less elusive.

      It’s a collaboration that marries technology and expert coaching from JOHNSON’S® BEDTIME® Baby Sleep App with analytics from Mimo™'s infant sleep wearables and crib monitors to produce a new app called Nod™.

      The goal: Both companies have studied hundreds of thousands of baby sleep patterns, so by combining their expertise, the Nod™ app can provide parents with an advanced, personalized sleep coaching system—like having a baby sleep expert in your own home.

      The app debuts at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. In anticipation, we tapped Russel Walters, Research Fellow of Biophysics and Modeling at Johnson & Johnson; sleep expert Jodi Mindell, Ph.D., CBSM; and Dulcie Madden, Co-founder and CEO of Rest Devices, Inc., to walk us through the groundbreaking technology.


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