Skin-Flex™: The New BAND-AID® Brand Bandages That Stay on for 24 Hours

Through hand-washing, phone-scrolling, treadmill-running, baby-chasing and whatever else your busy day has you doing, these bandages are designed to stay put for a full 24 hours.
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Covering up cuts and scrapes just got a whole lot more comfortable, thanks to the new Skin-Flex™ line of adhesive bandages.

The latest BAND-AID® Brand product, now available in drugstores, is designed to act just like a second skin—the super-flexible bandages are made from touch screen-friendly material, so they won’t get in the way when you’re using your smartphone or tablet.

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Nor will they get soggy or fall off: Skin-Flex™ bandages have lightweight cross-fiber technology that allows for almost instant drying, and the advanced adhesive stays on a full 24 hours—even through hand-washing.

“Our goal was to develop a bandage that moves with every movement the wearer makes, while being as durable as possible,” explains Melinda Cettina Melinda Cettina headshot Melinda CettinaDirector, Global Wound Care Research & Development, Director of Global Wound Care Research & Development at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. “We came up with an adhesive and material system that did just that. It's lightweight, so the wearer can hardly feel the bandage, and it is really stretchable and flexible, just like your skin.”

Basically, you’ll forget you’re wearing a bandage, so it’s easier to get on with life—and scrolling through those social feeds.

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