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Introducing Johnson & Johnson Health Partner, a New Connected Health Platform

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Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions, Inc. has introduced the Johnson & Johnson Health Partner platform that can help patients prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for surgery, and connects them with their healthcare team to help enable customized, real-time care. It learns with the user over time and provides personalized care that adapts based on each patient’s changing needs and behaviors.

The new Health Partner platform consists of three connected digital tools, all putting the patient at the center:

  • A website that provides education and resources before treatment even begins
  • A mobile app to help guide a patient through surgical preparation and recovery
  • A care portal designed for providers and health systems to enable real-time interaction throughout a patient’s treatment journey

Health Partner focuses on improving patients’ ability to stick with their care plan by addressing the underlying behaviors that might hinder success, while also providing tools and support to keep patients motivated and engaged throughout their surgical journey by:

  • Enlisting them early in their journey, from initial education about treatment options through encouraging healthy behaviors for long-term success
  • Addressing many of the emotional challenges that patients could face—fear, uncertainty and confusion—building confidence in treatment decisions
  • Focusing on patient preparedness and fostering greater confidence in the ability to return to better health

Being physically, emotionally and mentally prepared for surgery can help a patient get back to a full and active life quicker—and can drive better health and economic outcomes. The behavior change strategies integrated in Health Partner are selected based on the best scientific evidence available right now to help increase the likelihood patients will follow pre- and post-surgical care because an informed, engaged and compliant patient has the greatest potential for treatment success. 1

For more information about Johnson & Johnson Health Partner, visit

1 Lane-Carlson, M., & Kumar, J. (2012). Engaging Patients in Managing Their Health Care: Patient Perceptions of the Effect of a Total Joint Replacement Presurgical Class. The Permanente Journal, 16(3), 42-47. Retrieved October 5, 2017, from

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