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Depuy Mitek Launches Endurance™ Hip Solutions

New System Marks Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Company’s Entry into Hip Arthroscopy

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BOSTON, MA – Sept. 27, 2012 – DePuy Mitek, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of orthopaedic sports medicine products and soft tissue repair devices, announced the launch of ENDURANCE Hip Solutions, a new system of instruments and devices that marks the company’s entry into the rapidly growing field of hip arthroscopy.

The announcement was made here at the 4th International Society for Hip Arthroscopy (ISHA) Annual Scientific Meeting where DePuy Mitek is showcasing its portfolio of devices and products for soft tissue repair in the hip, knee and shoulder.

“With ENDURANCE Hip Solutions, we’ve leveraged our clinical expertise and track record in soft tissue repair of the shoulder and knee to create a procedural hip arthroscopy solution from joint access to tissue and suture management,” said Ian Lawson, Worldwide President, DePuy Mitek.

ENDURANCE Hip Solutions includes stainless steel needles; nitinol guidewires and cannulas for access; suture anchors (GRYPHON™ Suture Anchor) in either BIOCRYL® RAPIDE™ biocomposite material or PEEK for fixation; and devices for tissue ablation (VAPR® VUE™ Radiofrequency System) and fluid management (FMS DUO®+). DePuy Mitek will sponsor education and training on hip arthroscopy and the new system throughout the country.

“The combination of trusted devices, sutures and materials that have proven successful in shoulder and knee arthroscopic surgery with new specialized instrumentation and tools, provides a welcome new solution for hip arthroscopy,” said Carlos Guanche, MD,* Southern California Orthopedic Institute in Van Nuys.

According to industry estimates, more than 30,000 hip arthroscopy procedures were performed in 2008 and were projected to grow annually at over 15 percent through 2013.[1] Hip arthroscopy is used to relieve pain caused by femoracetabular impingement resulting in damage to the labrum, articular cartilage or other soft tissue surrounding the hip.

The use of an arthroscope enables surgeons to see and navigate deep inside the joint without the need for large incisions and major disruption to surrounding tissue and muscle. This technique may lead to a quicker and less painful recovery and a faster return to activity than traditional surgery.[2]

“We expect that improvements in technology, more opportunities for surgeon education and training and rising patient demand will fuel increased adoption of hip arthroscopy,” added Lawson.

Key Components of ENDURANCE Hip Solutions

  • Hip Access Kit: Comprehensive set including needles and nitinol guidewires for initial joint entry
  • GRYPHON Anchor with Hip Drill Guide: Available in BIOCRYL RAPIDE Biocomposite Material or PEEK. Loaded with ORTHOCORD® HIGH-STRENGTH Orthopaedic Suture
  • Clear Cannulas: Available in 90 mm and 110 mm, which offers access to the deeper hip joint while maintaining visibility of tools
  • FMS DUO+ System: Enables optimal visibility by managing both inflow and outflow; reduces risk of extravasation in hip arthroscopy through independent control of pressure and flow
  • VAPR VUE Radiofrequency System: System with COOLPULSE® Technology enables 20.4 percent faster ablation than leading competitor at equal or lower heat levels[3]

About DePuy Mitek, Inc.
DePuy Mitek, Inc. is a global leader in orthopaedic sports medicine devices and products used in the treatment of joint injuries related to sports and physical activity. The company’s portfolio includes minimally invasive arthroscopic solutions and non surgical therapies to help patients move beyond joint injuries and pain. DePuy Mitek is part of DePuy Synthes Companies of Johnson & Johnson, the largest provider of orthopaedic and neurological solutions in the world. Visit, for more information.


*Dr. Guanche has previously served as a paid consultant to DePuy Mitek, Inc.

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