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      DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction Introduces New Advancements in Hip, Knee and Shoulder Replacement New solutions address clinical and economic needs

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      WARSAW, IN – (May 22, 2014) DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction*, a global leader in joint replacement solutions, announced today the introduction of three new products for hip, knee and shoulder replacement. These products are key examples of how the company is advancing patient care while also making surgical processes and procedures more efficient for surgeons and the health care system overall.

      The products include GLOBAL® UNITE® Anatomic Shoulder, CORAIL® Revision Hip System and TRUMATCH® Resection Guide For the ATTUNE® Rotating Platform Knee. These products are part of broader platforms that provide treatment options to meet specific patient needs.

      “Each of these products addresses important needs for patients and the healthcare system,” said Randy Kilburn, Worldwide Vice President of Marketing, DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction. “In addition, they further enrich our deep and broad portfolio, which has definite synergies with other products across the DePuy Synthes Companies.”

      GLOBAL® UNITE® Anatomic Shoulder
      GLOBAL UNITE Anatomic is the newest addition to the next-generation GLOBAL UNITE Platform Shoulder System. This platform enables surgeons to use the same humeral stem to repair shoulder fractures or perform a total (anatomic) shoulder replacement. In addition, for those patients who later need a reverse total replacement, surgeons are able to convert the already-implanted humeral stem to a total reverse construct without the use of a stack-on adaptor, which is commonly used with other shoulder systems. The use of a stack-on adaptor may overstuff the joint and limit the patient’s range of motion.[1,2]

      With the GLOBAL UNITE Platform Shoulder System, conversion occurs by exchanging the top of the humeral stem with a state-of-the-art reverse component that can be adjusted to meet the height and version requirements of patients and therefore optimize deltoid function. In addition, the GLOBAL UNITE Platform Shoulder System includes uniquely designed instrumentation that provides surgical efficiency within the operating room.

      CORAIL® Revision Hip System
      The CORAIL Hip Revision System is designed to treat patients in need of hip revisions who have mild to moderate femoral defects. It is the first and only tapered wedge revision stem in the United States. The system has a bone-preserving design, an important consideration for patients should they need additional revision surgery at a later date. In addition, whereas more instruments are normally needed for a revision surgery compared to a typical primary surgery, the CORAIL Revision Stem is efficient in that it requires the same number of instruments as the CORAIL Primary Stem.

      TRUMATCH® Resection Guide For ATTUNE® Rotating Platform Knee
      The TRUMATCH Resection Guide, part of TRUMATCH Personalized Solutions, is now available for the recently-launched ATTUNE Rotating Platform Knee. For the ATTUNE Fixed Bearing Knee, both a TRUMATCH Resection Guide and Pin Guide solution are available.

      TRUMATCH Personalized Solutions is a surgical instrumentation system that aids in knee implant positioning and procedural efficiency. The system utilizes as few as two traditional trays in the operating room (compared to an average of 6-9 trays) and eliminates up to nine surgical steps, which can increase procedural efficiency.

      The ATTUNE Knee System was launched in 2013 and is designed to provide better range of motion and address the unstable feeling some patients experience during everyday activities, such as stair descent and bending. The Rotating Platform option, introduced earlier this year, may further enhance the stability of the knee. In addition, the ATTUNE Knee System is designed to deliver care more efficiently through lighter weight and more streamlined instrumentation.

      “DePuy Synthes Companies is uniquely positioned to offer an expansive portfolio of orthopaedic solutions that enable optimal clinical and economic outcomes and help improve patient satisfaction,” said Andrew Ekdahl, Worldwide President, DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction. “These new advancements are great examples of how we’re delivering on what customers and patients expect in today’s healthcare environment.”

      Important Safety Information
      The performance of hip, knee and shoulder replacements depends on a patient’s age, weight, activity level and other factors. There are potential risks and recovery takes time. People with conditions limiting rehabilitation should not have these surgeries. Only an orthopaedic surgeon can determine if hip, knee or shoulder replacement is necessary based on an individual patient’s condition.

      *DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction is a division of DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc.

      About DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction
      DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction, a global leader in hip, knee and shoulder replacement, is part of DePuy Synthes Companies of Johnson & Johnson, the largest provider of orthopaedic and neurological solutions in the world. For more information visit


      [1] Wiater, B.P., et al. “The evaluation of the failed shoulder arthroplasty.” Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, (May 2014) 23, 745-753.
      [2] Whatley A, Fowler L, Warner JP. “Postoperative rupture of the anterolateral deltoid muscle following reverse total shoulder arthroplasty in patients who have undergone open rotator cuff repair.” Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery (Jan. 2011) 20, 114-122.

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