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      Ethicon Energy Launches ENSEAL® G2 Articulating At AAGL Global Congress On Minimally Invasive Gynecology

      “Perpendicular Blood Vessel Sealing in Surgical Practice”
      White Paper provides clinical rationale for a perpendicular approach to vessel sealing.

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      Washington D.C. – November 11, 2013 -- Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc. (Ethicon) today announced that its first-to-market ENSEAL® G2 Articulating Tissue Sealer is now available nationwide. The new device will be featured this week at the 42nd American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL) Global Congress on Minimally Invasive Gynecology, the nation’s largest gathering of gynecological surgeons performing minimally invasive procedures. ENSEAL® G2 Articulating is the first, and only, articulating advanced energy device designed to allow surgeons to take a perpendicular approach to cut and seal vessels up to seven millimeters in diameter and lymphatics through a five millimeter port.

      The ENSEAL® G2 Articulating is unique because it can bend, making it easier for surgeons to access difficult to reach parts of the anatomy and provides better access to tissue in deep or tight spaces for greater control of the angle of approach to vessels[1]. It allows surgeons to take a perpendicular approach to vessel sealing, which contributes to stronger seals when compared to Enseal® non-articulating devices. It also increases their ability to take the full vessel in a single bite, reducing the likelihood of internal bleeding and post-surgery complications for patients.

      The “Perpendicular Blood Vessel Sealing in Surgical Practice” White Paper, a cross-specialty collaboration between Dr. Andrew I. Brill, MD and Dr. Michael J. Stamos, MD., concludes that in certain procedures, “technical accuracy and the security of vessel sealing are best accomplished using a perpendicular approach for the clarification of key anatomy and the optimal use of advanced bipolar electrosurgery.[2]” Vessels sealed with a perpendicular approach using ENSEAL® G2 Articulating are more than 28% stronger than vessels sealed at a 45 degree angle.[3]

      “The ENSEAL® G2 Articulating allowed me to perform the entire para-aortic dissection from the same port,” says Steven A. Elg, M.D., GYN Oncologist, Iowa Methodist. “Prior to ENSEAL® articulation this was not possible.”

      ENSEAL® G2 Articulating builds on our existing portfolio of advanced bipolar tissue sealers and is the latest in a long line of advances that make Ethicon the global leader in advanced energy. Ethicon continues to work with surgeons around the world and across specialties to design innovations to help surgeons deliver the best outcomes based on the unique needs of their patients and procedures.

      About Our Energy Business
      Ethicon is a leader in advanced energy solutions and offers the broadest portfolio of ultrasonic energy devices using HARMONIC® technology and advanced bipolar energy devices using ENSEAL® technology. Click here to learn more.

      HARMONIC® ultrasonic devices combine precision and multifunctionality: With a jaw and blade uniquely designed for precise dissection, sealing and transection, one device enables surgeons to perform multiple jobs without instrument exchanges. HARMONIC® technology is the proven leader in advanced energy with more than 16 million procedures worldwide[4]. Click here to learn more.

      ENSEAL® advanced bipolar devices are strong on sealing, yet gentle on tissue. With an I-BLADE® that delivers high uniform compression along the entire length of the jaw, ENSEAL® seals vessels up to 7mm in diameter. The ENSEAL® G2 Tissue Sealer portfolio also includes the ENSEAL® G2 Super Jaw device, launched in 2011, and the ENSEAL® G2 Curved and Straight Tissue Sealers, launched in 2012. Click here to learn more.

      About Our Company
      Ethicon represents the products and services of Ethicon, Inc. and Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc., two companies with long histories of medical innovation, which provide globally a broad range of surgical technologies and products (including energy devices, sutures, staplers, clip appliers, trocars and meshes) used to treat colorectal and thoracic conditions, women’s health conditions, hernias, cancer and obesity. Ethicon, Inc. and Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc. are part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. Learn more at, or follow us on Twitter @Ethicon, or join the conversation at #EthiconAAGL.


      Dr. Andrew I. Brill, MD and Dr. Michael J. Stamos, MD are paid consultants for Ethicon.

      [1] Compared to a non‐articulating device. Based on a benchtop burst pressure study. PRC051608
      [2] “Perpendicular Blood Vessel Sealing in Surgical Practice” - Dr. Andrew I. Brill, MD and Dr. Michael J. Stamos, MD., Case Summary, pg 6.
      [3] ENSEAL® devices tested in a benchtop study on 5-7mm porcine carotid arteries. With NSLG2C35A devices, median burst pressures were 51% higher for vessels sealed at a 90° angle compared to vessels sealed at a 45° angle (p=0.0007). With NSLG2S35A devices, mean burst pressures were 28% higher for vessels sealed at a 90° angle compared to vessels sealed at a 45° angle (p=0.001).
      [4] Internal sales data as of June 10, 2013.

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