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Ethicon Introduces Next Innovation in Line of Powered Endocutters; 45mm Design Allows Surgeons Stability and Control near Vital Structures

New 45mm Device Extends the Proven Technology Platform of ECHELON FLEX™ Powered ENDOPATH® Staplers to More Procedures in Multiple Surgical Specialties, including Thoracic, Bariatric and Colorectal

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CINCINNATI – September 28, 2012– Ethicon* today announced the launch of its next innovation in powered endocutters – a new 45mm version of the ECHELON FLEX™ Powered ENDOPATH® Stapler, designed to reduce the risk of potential tissue trauma during laparoscopic surgery near vital structures, such as in the thorax (chest cavity). This is the second offering in EES’ line of powered endocutters, following the introduction of the industry’s first powered endocutter with enhanced system-wide compression and stability – Powered ECHELON FLEX™ 60mm. The new Powered ECHELON FLEX™ 45mm is being debuted to surgeons next week at the American College of Surgeons Annual Clinical Congress in Chicago, Ill.

The Powered ECHELON FLEX™ stapler offers surgeons the advantages of powered, effortless controlled firing which virtually eliminates the force required to fire the instrument. This translates to at least 63 percent less unwanted movement of the tip on or near vital structures during transection,[1] resulting in potentially less trauma to vital structures, even in thick tissue and at awkward angles. Increased distal tip stability provides improved control of target and surrounding tissue during firing sequence over manually fired endocutters.

“Our Powered ECHELON FLEX endocutters have been used in nearly 50,000 cases worldwide since they were launched in 2011,” said Tim Schmid, President of Ethicon. “With the launch of the new 45mm stapler, we are excited to bring the benefits of this innovative technology across the range of surgical specialties where stability and control are critical to positive patient outcomes.”

Advanced features of the Powered ECHELON FLEX™ stapler include:

  • System-wide Compression – Only powered endocutter with enhanced system-wide compression, delivering consistent, properly formed staples. One-handed Operation – Virtually effortless firing minimizes movement of distal tip for enhanced stability on or near vital structures and lets the surgeon focus less on the instrument and more on the patient/procedure.
  • Surgeon-controlled Power – Surgeon can pause or reverse stapling at any time; the only endocutter with a manual override system; provides tactile and audible feedback during mechanical closure; user-friendly ergonomic design, so surgeon is always in control.
  • Responsible Power – The battery is disposed of simply, and with environmental responsibility. Because of the built-in battery drain, it is safe to discard the battery pack in the normal medical waste stream. The battery pack does not contain heavy metals and is considered nonhazardous waste at time of final disposal. There is also no capital purchase or hassles with extra setup, disposal, recharging equipment, or hospital sterilization processes.
  • Dependability – Designed to give surgeons 12 hours of operation with no compromise in performance (same robust performance level is delivered from first to last firing).

For more information and to view videos of Powered ECHELON FLEX™ in use, please visit:

About ECHELON FLEX™ Endocutters
ECHELON FLEX™ endocutters are used in more procedures than all other EES brands. The new Powered ECHELON FLEX™ provides the same performance and benefits of the proven ECHELON FLEX™ platform: natural articulation to improve precision compared to traditional lever-based, two-handed endocutters; great articulation angle to help access transection sites that are difficult to reach; and the ability to grasp, hold and manipulate tissue without the use of a second device. The Powered ECHELON FLEX™ uses the same wide range of cartridges as the ECHELON FLEX™.

About Ethicon
The Ethicon brand is used for the products of Ethicon, Inc. and Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc., two companies with long histories of medical innovation, which provide globally a broad range of surgical technologies and products (including sutures, staplers, clip appliers, trocars and meshes) used to treat colorectal and thoracic conditions, women’s health conditions, hernias, cancer and obesity. Ethicon, Inc. and Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc. are part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies.

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Michelle Parker

*Information provided by Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc. ECHELON FLEX™ and ECHELON FLEX™ Powered ENDOPATH® Stapler are trademarks of Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.

[1] Benchtop testing on porcine stomach (2.5-4mm thick). Surgeons (n=19) fired each instrument / reload once: PSE60A / ECR60G, 030449 / 030459, and EGIAUSTND / EGIA60AMT. Distal tip motion measurement during the firing cycle showed a 63% reduction in tip movement of PSE60A/ECR60G vs. the other two devices.

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