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Johnson & Johnson Marks New Era as Global Healthcare Company with Updated Visual Identity

Brand and visual identity demonstrate the best of Johnson & Johnson’s care and humanity, while capturing the Company’s passion and determination to improve the health of people worldwide

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New Brunswick, N.J., Sept. 14, 2023 – For more than 135 years, Johnson & Johnson (the “Company”) (NYSE: JNJ) has provided health care products and solutions to people worldwide. Now, with its exclusive focus on healthcare innovation and tackling the toughest health challenges, the Company is updating its brand and uniting both its medtech and pharmaceutical segments under the Johnson & Johnson brand name to demonstrate its collective power in healthcare.

The announcement marks the next era for Johnson & Johnson, which is leveraging its expertise in innovative medicine and medical technology to prevent, treat and cure complex diseases and introduce solutions that are smarter, less invasive and more personalized.

Johnson & Johnson logo on white background

“Our exclusive focus on Innovative Medicine and MedTech solutions enables us to innovate across the full spectrum of healthcare in ways no other company can,” said Joaquin Duato, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. “Uniting our diverse businesses under an updated Johnson & Johnson brand reflects our unique ability to reimagine healthcare through transformative innovation, while staying true to Our Credo values and the level of care that patients and doctors expect of us.”

Moving forward, the Company’s two segments will be more connected to the Johnson & Johnson brand. Over time, Janssen, the Company’s pharmaceutical segment, will be named Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine, and the medical technology segment will continue to be named Johnson & Johnson MedTech.  

  • Our pharmaceuticals segment is leading where medicine is going, developing breakthrough treatments to transform the future of health. Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine applies rigorous science with compassion to confidently address the most complex diseases in the areas of Oncology, Immunology, Neuroscience, Cardiovascular, Pulmonary Hypertension, and Retina and to develop the potential medicines of tomorrow.  
  • Our medical technology segment is working to solve the world’s most pressing healthcare challenges through innovations at the intersection of biology and technology. Johnson & Johnson MedTech is harnessing its deep expertise in surgery, orthopedics, vision, and interventional solutions to develop healthcare solutions that are smarter, less invasive, and more personalized.

The new Johnson & Johnson brand identity builds on the Company’s legacy, while also modernizing key elements to showcase healthcare innovation in a way that’s inclusive and brings the Company’s warm, caring nature to life.

  • Logo. The new logo is modernized for this next chapter. Each letter is drawn in one pen stroke, creating a contrast that delivers both a sense of unexpectedness and humanity. The Company will embrace both the long- and short-form versions of the logo, expanding and building more equity around a short-form ‘J&J’ to show up in a more personable, contemporary way—especially in digital interfaces. The brand will also show up in motion and respond to different environments.
  • Color. Johnson & Johnson will continue to leverage the color red, leaning into a refreshed, bright, and contemporary color that speaks to the ability to urgently respond to health challenges, evolve with the times and set the pace.
  • Ampersand. The new ampersand captures a caring, human nature. It now presents itself as a more globally recognizable symbol and represents the openness of the brand, as well as the connections that bring the Company’s purpose to life.
  • Art Direction. The elements in the art direction style—which include illustration, photography, and more—have been crafted to spark energy, optimism and inclusivity, all while offering a unique and distinctive approach in healthcare.

“Our Johnson & Johnson brand identity communicates our bold approach to innovation in healthcare, while staying true to the care we have for our patients around the world,” said Vanessa Broadhurst, Executive Vice President of Global Corporate Affairs. “We take immense pride in leading healthcare for more than a century and are seizing on our scientific momentum to profoundly impact health for humanity.”

The new logo, colors, and font will be rolled out across all company materials, product packaging, and branding assets over time. For more information about Johnson & Johnson’s new brand, visit J&J media center.

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At Johnson & Johnson, we believe health is everything. Our strength in healthcare innovation empowers us to build a world where complex diseases are prevented, treated, and cured, where treatments are smarter and less invasive, and solutions are personal. Through our expertise in Innovative Medicine and MedTech, we are uniquely positioned to innovate across the full spectrum of healthcare solutions today to deliver the breakthroughs of tomorrow, and profoundly impact health for humanity. Learn more at 

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