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      LifeScan Launches ONETOUCH® SelectSimple™ Blood Glucose Monitor With Audio Alerts

      Self Monitoring Of Blood Glucose Now Made Simpler And Affordable; India First Country In Global Launch

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      Mumbai, India (September 5, 2011) ― LifeScan, a Johnson & Johnson company launched a breakthrough new blood glucose monitoring device specifically designed to make self-monitoring simple and meaningful for the millions of Indians with diabetes. Called ONETOUCH® SelectSimple™, the blood glucose monitor offers a simple, affordable and effective option for self monitoring of blood glucose levels.

      Most diabetics rank complexity of usage and difficulty in interpretation of device output as among the greatest barriers to self-monitoring. SelectSimple™ addresses these specific needs, and was developed post extensive research among doctors, nurses and patients in India over the past two years. Furthermore, India is the first country in the world to launch this innovation.

      SelectSimple™ offers the following key benefits to patients;

      1) Simplicity Of Understanding Readings - SelectSimple is the first meter to be launched with audio alerts. There are two alerts corresponding to high and low glucose levels. These alerts automatically go off whenever the readings cross the cut-off limits. So the benefit to the patients is simple – if the meter alerts, the readings are of concern and the patient must take some action as advised by their Healthcare Professional (HCP). The product also has visual alerts via the use of arrows on screen, as well as a high-low alarm reference card where the patients can put down their readings and maintain a record.

      2) Simplicity Of Using The Product – SelectSimple has no buttons and no set-up requirement. This makes it very simple to operate for people of all age groups.

      SelectSimple also offers great value as the strips are priced about 35% lower (as low as Rs 18/strip for pack of 50 strips) than most of the existing strips available by leading manufacturers.

      According to Mr. A. Vaidheesh, Managing Director, Johnson & Johnson Medical India, “One of the key barriers to self-monitoring that still remain is the lack of confidence in self-care technology. At LifeScan, we are committed to developing products that improve the quality of life for people with diabetes. SelectSimple™ is a significant step in this direction. The SelectSimple™ System helps satisfy the previously unmet needs of a large group of people with diabetes who can now test their blood glucose levels with ease and confidence with high levels of accuracy and precision.”

      If not closely monitored, high blood glucose can lead to serious complications, such as heart disease, strokes, kidney damage and sight loss. Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG) is a critical part of diabetes management. Frequent monitoring and proper blood glucose control can help reduce the major complications of diabetes significantly. Self-management/self-care gives the freedom to choose a lifestyle not dictated by diabetes. People who self-manage feel that they are more in control of their lives and often report a better quality of life with better outcomes and fewer complications with the advantage of lesser costs. The great clinical value of regular Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG) has been proven beyond doubt in terms of measurable improvement in overall glycemic/A1c control.

      The specific benefits are listed below:

      • Detects blood glucose fluctuations, facilitating adaptations to reach long-term A1c goals
      • Offers protection by hands-on confirmation of acute hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia
      • Creates higher awareness of the disease and its management by giving patients more self-care responsibilities
      • Overall motivation towards healthier behavior and better quality of life.

      ONETOUCH® Select Simple™ will be available in all leading pharmacies of all major metros starting September 15, 2011.

      About LifeScan
      For more than two decades, LifeScan, Inc. has been committed to improving the quality of life for people with diabetes. At LifeScan, we truly believe that caring makes the difference. By offering you this online experience, we hope we have given you just one more reason to believe in our commitment to diabetes care. And our commitment to you.

      Over the years, our ONETOUCH® Systems have become a brand recommended by doctors, pharmacists and diabetes educators. Every day, more than three million people depend on our products for simple testing and accurate results.

      Established in November 1986, LifeScan is headquartered in Milpitas, California. We also have manufacturing facilities in Milpitas, Puerto Rico, and Scotland, and employ more than 2500 employees worldwide.

      Media Contact:
      Anil Nayak
      Director - Corporate Communications
      Johnson & Johnson Limited
      Phone: +91 22 66646732

      Farooque Shaikh
      The PRactice
      Mobile: +91 9323671307

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