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      Fast facts: The Johnson & Johnson Safety Process

      Our safety process

      Our safety process

      Our safety assurance process is one of the most stringent in the world, ensuring the safety and quality of every baby and beauty personal care product we make.

      How we source raw materials

      Our finished products are only as safe as the raw materials we use to make them. That’s why we only work with suppliers that meet our exacting safety standards. Our screening process enables us to know with certainty the purity of every raw material. When we receive a new raw material or work with a new supplier, we create a detailed plan. We test multiple samples to ensure safety benchmarks are met. As much as possible, we screen supplier ingredients down to 1 part per million (ppm), which is more stringent than the regulations in many of the countries where our products are sold.

      Process for assessing ingredients

      Before we can create products, we assess those formulas for low level impurities that can impact the safety, stability or effectiveness of that product. This process meets or exceeds every regulatory standard in the markets where our products are sold. We implement a stringent process that leaves nothing to chance.

      Testing formulas

      Often times, a single product may be tested with more than 200 people. If these volunteers have a bad reaction to a formula, we stop testing, and re-work or reformulate the product that will be safe and effective with every volunteer who tests it. Formulation (Product) development and testing can last from 1-3 years, and in some cases even longer.

      Monitoring Usage

      We want to make sure our products hold up to how you use them. That’s why we combine testing in the laboratory and in the real world to put our products through real-life scenarios. For instance, we freeze a product like skin cream and then thaw it to see if the color or consistency changes. We expose a sunscreen to extreme heat or humidity to see if it separates or becomes watery, which could impact how well it protects your skin—because who hasn’t left their sunscreen in a hot car?

      Continuing evaluation

      Because science is constantly evolving, we monitor the findings of the latest research and update our products when we feel there is an opportunity to improve a product. Similarly, we stay connected with consumers to help identify opportunities for further improvements and enhancements. This process helps to ensure that all of our products continue to meet our high safety standards.

      Ingredients we don’t use in our products

      Because your confidence in our products is so important to us, you won’t find any of the following in our consumer personal care and cosmetic products. • Butylparaben • Phthalates • Triclocarban • Triclosan • PFOA • Cocamide DEA • Toluene • Styrene • Nitromusks and polycyclic musks • Tagetes • Rose crystal • Diacetyl • Animal-derived fragrances

      Our commitment to safe ingredients

      For us, safe ingredients aren’t just a consideration. Safe ingredients are the focus of how our baby and beauty personal care products are created. Our industry-leading five level safety assurance process ensures that our products meet or exceed governmental safety standards around the world. But that’s just where we start. We are committed both to the science of safety and to the art of creating products that are gentle on people, as well as the environment.

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