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Danai Guirira, live from the Global Citizen Festival in September 2016, explains why she’s partnering with Johnson & Johnson to fight HIV/AIDS

The Health Warrior: Why Danai Gurira is helping Johnson & Johnson fight HIV/AIDS

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If you watched the Global Citizen Festival last weekend, you may have been moved by the powerful call-to-action from award-winning playwright and actress Danai Gurira, who’s partnered with Johnson & Johnson to help fight HIV/AIDS and show how working directly with communities to combat a health crisis has the potential to positively transform generations to come.

Specifically, Gurira’s helping to share the moving story of Nyumbani, a village that became the first sustainable HIV/AIDS community in Africa, allowing nearly half of the children who live there—either because they are HIV-positive or have been orphaned by the disease—to make it to college.

Gurira has actually made it her life’s mission to help bring awareness about communities devastated by the disease. She saw the rise of HIV first-hand growing up in southern Africa, and since then, she’s received critical acclaim for co-writing and acting in “In the Continuum,” a play about two women grappling with their recent HIV diagnoses.

To hear more about why she’s partnering with Johnson & Johnson, check out this inspiring video.

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