1949 advertisement for Johnson & Johnson's surgical dressings in The Saturday Evening Post
This summery image was used to advertise the company's surgical dressings in The Saturday Evening Post in 1949 Image courtesy of Johnson & Johnson Archives
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Taking a Trip Back in Time: 10 Ways Johnson & Johnson Has Helped Make Vacationing Easier Since 1887

Packing the right essentials can make or break your summer getaway. But did you know many of those must-haves have been Johnson & Johnson innovations?
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Beach days, bike riding and let's not forget lots of BBQ. Certain traditions are just synonymous with summer vacation—and for more than 130 years, Johnson & Johnson has created products that have gone hand in hand with safe summer fun.

With company historian Margaret Gurowitz Margaret Gurowitz Margaret Gurowitz,Chief Historian, Johnson & Johnson as our guide, we're taking you on a historical road trip of inventions that have helped vacationers make the most of the summer season.

Johnson & Johnson has a virtual museum where you can learn more fun facts about its rich history.
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