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      Contact lenses

      Contact lenses

      See all stories about contact lenses, and how Johnson & Johnson is changing the future of vision care.
      Man using artificial intelligence for training

      How Johnson & Johnson is Using Technology To Revolutionize the Way We Live and Work

      The company now has more Lighthouse designations than any other—a marker of its excellence in manufacturing innovation. Learn how Johnson & Johnson sites are improving how and when we get the healthcare products and services we need and serving as a beacon to other manufacturers worldwide.
      Personal stories
      Woman undergoing an eye exam

      The power of prioritizing your vision

      The idea of sight loss can be scary—but prompt diagnosis by an eye specialist can, in many cases, help preserve vision. For Healthy Vision Month, let these two patient stories inspire you to take action and schedule your checkup.
      graphic of an eye with a lens

      3 cutting-edge eye lenses designed to help improve how you see

      Multifocal contacts based on your pupil size. Intraocular lenses that adapt to our digital world. These are just some of the new Johnson & Johnson advances poised to change the future of vision care.
      Lede-She Oversees One of the World's Largest Healthcare Businesses: 7 Questions for Ashley McEvoy in the Time of COVID-19.jpg

      She oversees one of the world’s largest healthcare businesses: 7 questions for Ashley McEvoy in the time of COVID-19

      Johnson & Johnson develops consumer products, medical devices and pharmaceuticals—and McEvoy is at the helm of its global Medical Devices Companies. She shares how she has navigated the pandemic, grown professionally and personally as a result, and helped impact the lives of millions during this unique moment in history.
      Our heritage
      1949 advertisement for Johnson & Johnson's surgical dressings in The Saturday Evening Post

      Taking a trip back in time: 10 ways Johnson & Johnson has helped make vacationing easier since 1887

      Packing the right essentials can make or break your summer getaway. But did you know many of those must-haves have been Johnson & Johnson innovations?
      FINAL LEDE- Contact Lenses That Darken When Exposed to Light? Check Out the New Acuvue® Oasys With Transitions™ Light Intelligent Technology™- Anatomy Of Acuvue Oasys Cyclist

      Contact lenses that darken when exposed to light? Check out the new Acuvue® Oasys with Transitions™ Light Intelligent Technology™

      The innovative contact lenses change from clear to dark in less than a minute, helping your eyes adjust to fluctuating light conditions, while also blocking out harmful UV rays. A scientist explains how it all works.
      Latest news
      PROMO ONLY- Acuvue Oasys® With Transitions™ Light Intelligent Technology™ Contact Lenses Named One of Time's Best Inventions of 2018- Contact lenses in mirror

      Acuvue Oasys® with Transitions™ Light Intelligent Technology™ contact lenses named one of Time’s Best Inventions of 2018

      This first-of-its-kind innovation has a dynamic photochromic filter that responds to changing light conditions.
      Latest news
      Headshot- Q1 Earnings- Joe Wolk

      Johnson & Johnson’s new Chief Financial Officer answers 7 popular investor questions

      Joe Wolk, who has enjoyed a 20-year tenure at Johnson & Johnson, shares his vision for the company’s fiscal future.
      close up of women's eye

      Got dry eye? There’s a new treatment for that

      Thirty million Americans suffer from Meibomian gland dysfunction, which causes the majority of dry eye cases. Learn how the LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System can help address it—in the blink of an eye.
      Health & wellness
      TEST lede- Healthy Vision Sightbox- Eye Exam

      5 rules of healthy vision everyone should follow

      We asked eye care experts to share their top tips for keeping your baby blues (or browns or greens) well cared for year-round.