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13 innovations that inspired us in 2023

A treatment for an incurable cancer. Catheters to better diagnose and treat AFib. A surgical stapler that’s easier to use. These are just some of the Johnson & Johnson advances that are helping improve the health of people everywhere.

Artificial intelligence is helping revolutionize healthcare as we know it

Advancing drug discovery. Helping treatments reach patients faster. Diversifying clinical trials. For Artificial Intelligence Day, here’s a look at how Johnson & Johnson is harnessing AI to help create a healthier world.

Can these nurses’ inventions revolutionize patient care?

Their innovative ideas hold promise in solving two of healthcare’s most vexing problems: the nursing shortage and wound care. And Johnson & Johnson is helping them make their high-tech dreams a reality.

5 things to know about Johnson & Johnson’s new CEO, Joaquin Duato

As he assumes his role as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, we’re sharing some facts about the respected business leader, who has deep roots at the company—and a commitment to helping improve health for people around the world.

Johnson & Johnson MedTech earns a spot on Fast Company‘s 2022 Most Innovative Companies list

The company is honored to be recognized for its cutting-edge approach to solving some of healthcare’s most urgent needs.

4 ways Johnson & Johnson advanced much-needed healthcare innovations amid the pandemic

As the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference takes place this week, the President of Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC, Inc. shares some of the scientific breakthroughs and collaborations his team is championing to help address the unmet needs and well-being of people around the world.

The latest AI frontier: How Neutrogena Skin360™ is revolutionizing skincare

With this new, cutting-edge tool and app, you can scan and analyze your skin in just a few minutes to get real-time information about everything from moisture levels to the state of your pores—without having to leave the house.

Can artificial intelligence change how we discover drugs?

Yes—according to new research from scientists at Janssen who’ve found a way to speed up the drug discovery process using AI.

About face: How two digital beauty companies plan to give skincare a makeover

Tired of buying products that aren’t quite right for you? Meet the founders of EpigenCare and SkinGenie—trailblazing skincare companies that are harnessing DNA profiles and artificial intelligence to improve your beauty routine.