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      A stock image that shows supply chain graphics in a global economy superimposed over the aisle of a warehouse

      4 high-tech tools Johnson & Johnson is using to get products to you during the pandemic

      Smart glasses with remote access capabilities. Track-and-trace sensors powered by GPS. These are just two cutting-edge technologies the company has tapped to help keep its supply chain running smoothly at manufacturing and shipping facilities around the world.
      Personal stories
      Johnson & Johnson people of the year 2017

      Johnson & Johnson’s People of the Year: 25 stories of inspiration and innovation from 2017

      From the incredible researchers who’ve dedicated their life’s work to fighting chronic diseases to those who work tirelessly to bring hope to underserved populations, we’re taking a moment to celebrate the company’s many heroes.
      A photo of a person typing on a computer keyboard

      4 Ways Johnson & Johnson Is Leading the Fight Against Cyberattackers

      It sounds like something out of a movie, but cyberhacking is a real—and growing—concern for healthcare companies. We spoke to the company’s cybersecurity team to learn what protection measures they’re taking to help keep patients safe.