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Disease interception

The Johnson & Johnson under 40 to watch list: 6 young trailblazing scientists

These up-and-coming stars in oncology, immunology, anti-aging, vaccines and other areas of research are helping to change healthcare as we know it. And they’re just at the beginning of their brilliant careers.

7 Things We Now Know About Depression

It’s a complicated illness, with no exact cause, but there is still a lot we now understand about depression, thanks to the work of dedicated scientists. For World Mental Health Day, we look at the facts, common misconceptions and research that’s underway.

This Is Your Brain With Schizophrenia: How the Illness Manifests and What Researchers Are Doing to Help

Thanks to cutting-edge innovations in imaging, adherence and early intervention, mental health researchers are making crucial advances in the understanding and management of the complex condition. We delve into their work for Mental Health Awareness Month.