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      Knee surgery

      How robots are helping personalize knee replacement surgery

      For Arthritis Awareness Month, learn the latest about this common procedure and how Johnson & Johnson MedTech is innovating to improve patient outcomes.

      How Johnson & Johnson is Using Technology To Revolutionize the Way We Live and Work

      The company now has more Lighthouse designations than any other—a marker of its excellence in manufacturing innovation. Learn how Johnson & Johnson sites are improving how and when we get the healthcare products and services we need and serving as a beacon to other manufacturers worldwide.

      Having joint surgery? A veteran orthopedic nurse shares her best advice for patients

      From finding the right specialist to what to expect from post-op PT, we asked an insider for her top tips on what to do—and not to do—before and after your procedure.

      “What I Learned About Resiliency and Life From Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro”

      A trek to the summit of Kili doesn’t just push your physical limits. Just ask Jack Groppel, who made the pilgrimage to the top with his son—and two artificial knees. He reflects on what everyone can take away from his experience as we get ready to ring in a new year.

      Health Partner: The digital tool that can help you navigate your knee, hip or weight-loss journey

      Grappling with joint or weight issues? Enter The Health Partner for Knees, Health Partner for Hips and Health Partner for Weight Loss Surgery suite of websites and apps—unveiled this week at the Consumer Electronics Show.

      The Power of Human-Centered Technology: 4 Innovations That Could Revolutionize Your Health

      From an app that can forecast seasonal allergies before they strike to a digital coach for people undergoing knee surgery, these tools are poised to make digital waves.