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      Lung Cancer Center at Boston University Medical Center

      FINAL LEDE- How Johnson & Johnson Is Pioneering in the Fight Against the World's #1 Cancer Killer- Dr. Spira stock lede

      How Johnson & Johnson is pioneering in the fight against the world’s #1 cancer killer

      The doctor overseeing the company’s new Lung Cancer Initiative reveals why it’s uniquely qualified to work on thwarting the disease—and why he’s uniquely qualified to oversee its efforts.
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      FINAL LEDE- Johnson & Johnson and Boston University Announce a New Alliance Focused on Tackling Lung Cancer- X-Ray Doctor
      Latest news

      Johnson & Johnson and Boston University announce a new alliance focused on tackling lung cancer

      University and company researchers will work closely over the next five years to identify ways to better detect and treat the deadliest cancer in the world.