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      Product safety

      Product safety

      Anatomy of the human spine and back

      An eye for innovation: helping surgeons see more during spinal operations

      With a unique disposable camera the size of a pinkie finger, Eric Buehlmann and his team pioneered a better—and easier—way for doctors to perform back procedures.
      The digital tag of a medtech device

      Inside the decade-long effort to add digital tags to thousands of Johnson & Johnson MedTech products

      Efficiently tracking medical devices can cut down on injuries and errors. But until recently, there was no industry-wide standard for doing it. Unique Device Identifiers, a new kind of label, are changing that.
      Thibaut Mongon ringing the bell at the New York Stock Exchange

      The man behind the brands you use every day: 6 questions for Johnson & Johnson’s Head of Consumer Health

      From skincare to allergy relief, Thibaut Mongon is charged with overseeing the products that help empower people to take charge of their health. He shares his vision for better living through innovation—and the power of the company’s legacy of safety and science-backed care.
      A manufacturing facility

      Innovation & imagination: 5 questions for Johnson & Johnson’s Chief Global Supply Chain Officer

      There’s a reason why the company is consistently honored for its supply chain work. We look at what it really takes to keep the large-scale operation humming—and constantly evolving.
      Personal stories
      LEDE OVERRIDE - Can You Imagine Overseeing the Safety of Thousands of Product Ingredients? This Johnson & Johnson Scientist Can- Dr. Kurt Reynertson

      Can you imagine overseeing thousands of product ingredients? This Johnson & Johnson scientist can

      Ever wonder what’s in the mouthwash, lotion or shampoo you use? Kurt Reynertson knows everything there is to know about the ingredients in the company’s consumer products—and the measures Johnson & Johnson takes to keep you safe.
      FINAL LEDE- New Year, New Vision: Meet a Man Who Spends His Days Keeping Counterfeiters at Bay- Counterfeit box brand protection

      New Year, new vision: Meet a man who spends his days keeping counterfeiters at bay

      From contact lenses to cancer treatments, Johnson & Johnson has a robust portfolio of healthcare products—and Rich Kaeser is tasked with ensuring the safety and quality of all of the company’s brands.
      A photo of a person typing on a computer keyboard

      4 Ways Johnson & Johnson Is Leading the Fight Against Cyberattackers

      It sounds like something out of a movie, but cyberhacking is a real—and growing—concern for healthcare companies. We spoke to the company’s cybersecurity team to learn what protection measures they’re taking to help keep patients safe.