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      QuickFire Challenge

      Can these nurses’ inventions revolutionize patient care?

      Their innovative ideas hold promise in solving two of healthcare’s most vexing problems: the nursing shortage and wound care. And Johnson & Johnson is helping them make their high-tech dreams a reality.

      5 impactful ways Johnson & Johnson supports nurses and the incredible work they do

      From mental health and resilience programs to Hackathons to essential podcasts, here are a few recent ways the company is championing frontline workers.

      2 pandemics, 1 goal: Meet 4 innovators with high-tech ideas for fighting tuberculosis in the time of COVID-19

      Despite being preventable and curable, tuberculosis is one of the world’s deadliest infectious diseases—and COVID-19 is making it even harder to diagnose and treat it. Enter these healthcare visionaries, who’ve made it their mission to move the world closer to the goal of ending tuberculosis.

      More than skin deep: Meet a Johnson & Johnson employee who’s committed to creating more inclusive skincare products for women of color

      Ever felt like you couldn’t find makeup or skincare solutions meant for you? Amrika Ganness has. So she and her fellow colleagues of color at Neutrogena® turned that all-too-common experience into a one-of-a-kind talent search: the Black Innovators in Skin Health QuickFire Challenge.

      “COVID-19 inspired me to improve patient care": How two nurses devised new ways to help kids and fellow nurses during the pandemic

      From a virtual reality game that helps children with remote physical therapy to a clever way to upgrade personal protective equipment for healthcare workers, the winning ideas from the latest Johnson & Johnson Nurses Innovate QuickFire Challenge came out of medical conundrums posed by the pandemic. Meet the women behind them.

      Necessity really is the mother of invention: Meet two nurses working on clever innovations to keep moms and babies healthy

      They both had stressful experiences as new parents and took those challenging moments and turned them into something positive—inventions that have the potential to help other parents and newborns thrive, especially during the current pandemic.

      JLABS @ Washington, DC: The unique innovation hub that’s poised to help protect us from future pandemics

      Scientists at the facility, opening in the nation’s capital this year, will be focused on advancing breakthrough ideas for safeguarding people around the world from pandemics like COVID-19, infectious diseases and other health threats.

      365 days of caring: 13 ways Johnson & Johnson helped progress health for humanity in 2018

      From a $10 million pledge to UNICEF in support of health workers to promising news about a preventive HIV vaccine regimen, the company’s new 2018 Health for Humanity Report details how Johnson & Johnson is dedicated to creating a better future for everyone, everywhere.

      Modern-day Nightingales: Meet three enterprising nurses who moonlight as inventors

      From a clever way to help prep kids for surgery to a baby bottle nipple shaped just like Mom’s, these nurses’ bright ideas helped them win Johnson & Johnson’s first nursing innovation challenge—and a total of $100,000 in grant money.

      We need to treat nurses like gold": Maria Menounos joins a new campaign to support nurse innovators

      For International Brain Tumor Awareness Week, the celebrity interviewer opens up about how her recovery from a brain tumor inspired her to become an ardent advocate for enterprising nurses on the front lines of care.