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      Rare Disease Day

      Health & wellness
      An illustration of a crowd of people, all in black and white, with one person in the center wearing a red top and blue pants.

      What is a rare disease?

      It’s estimated that over 300 million people around the globe are living with a rare disease. For Rare Disease Day, here’s what to know.
      Personal stories
      A headshot of Hetal Patel, Medical Director, Global Medical Affairs, Immunodermatology at the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

      “My job is to educate about the need for new treatments for rare diseases”

      Hetal Patel, an immunodermatology medical director at Johnson & Johnson, forged her own career path—and now she’s living into her passion for advocacy, education and innovation.
      Personal stories
      Doing Good for Rare Diseases Carl Guenther headshot

      “I have a very rare illness": The unique way patients and scientists are fighting Castleman disease

      Meet two men who have the rare immune system disorder: a doctor who created a groundbreaking registry for it—and a patient who signed up for it.