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An eye for innovation: helping surgeons see more during spinal operations

With a unique disposable camera the size of a pinkie finger, Eric Buehlmann and his team pioneered a better—and easier—way for doctors to perform back procedures.

Meet the marathoner who is blazing a trail in the male-dominated STEM field

Nina Raver-Shapira, Ph.D., loves a challenge: The Johnson & Johnson scientist persisted for years to develop an innovative surgical patch that helps stop problematic bleeding during surgery—and she’s also a record-breaking elite athlete. For Women’s Equality Day, find out how she got her start, what achievements she’s most proud of and where she finds inspiration.

INHANCE™ Shoulder System: A new option for reverse shoulder replacement surgery

For Arthritis Awareness Month, learn how Johnson & Johnson MedTech is innovating to help improve outcomes with this complex procedure.

“I helped create the lens that treated my mom’s cataracts”

For Cataract Awareness Month, learn about one employee’s very personal mission to help restore vision for people who undergo cataract surgery.

“I’ve developed innovative sutures that help save lives”

Johnson & Johnson got its start as a pioneer of sterile surgical sutures and continues to make advancements today. Jesse Nawrocki, Ph.D., shares how he and his award-winning team are working to make surgery easier for doctors and safer for patients.

What happens when antibiotics stop working?

More and more, many previously effective medications are no longer able to fight off the germs that are making us sick, leading to millions of deaths each year. For World Antimicrobial Awareness Week, learn what Johnson & Johnson is doing to combat this health threat around the world.

4 things to know about seeing the doctor in the time of COVID-19

Should we be forgoing regular checkups during the pandemic? Is it safe to go to the hospital for surgery? A Johnson & Johnson expert shares the answers—and offers guidance on how best to make healthcare decisions during these uncertain times.

Johnson & Johnson MedTech earns a spot on Fast Company‘s 2022 Most Innovative Companies list

The company is honored to be recognized for its cutting-edge approach to solving some of healthcare’s most urgent needs.

3 ways Johnson & Johnson is working to boost the number of diverse doctors

If people of color aren’t well represented in healthcare, then communities of color cannot receive truly equitable healthcare. These unique programs are supporting physicians from racial minority groups so they can better support the patients who need them.

One year later: The head of Johnson & Johnson China looks back on what we’ve learned from the pandemic—and how it can help shape the future

Will Song’s teams were on the front lines when COVID-19 shut down the city of Wuhan. One year to the day that the World Health Organization declared the disease a pandemic, he shares how the company kept going during the crisis and the innovative ideas that emerged from it.