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Meet 3 leaders who are breaking new ground for women in healthcare

For International Women’s Day, celebrate the achievements of these amazing female scientists and researchers at Johnson & Johnson.

When doing good in the world is part of the job

Johnson & Johnson offers a unique program to encourage giving back and advancing healthcare around the globe. Here’s how five employees took advantage of the opportunity to make change.

These 6 women in STEM are on a mission to change the world

The Johnson & Johnson WiSTEM2D Scholars Award Program winners have big ideas—and an even bigger drive to inspire other women studying science, technology, engineering, math, manufacturing and design to pursue their dreams, too.

The future of STEM is female: Meet 5 university scientists working on breakthrough healthcare ideas

A foldable, 3-D printed robot that can serve as a heart stent. Using artificial intelligence to help detect cancer. Seeking out life on other planets. These are just some of the areas of fascinating research that this year’s winners of the Johnson & Johnson WiSTEM2D Scholars Award are focused on in their labs across the country.

Girls Who Code teams up with Johnson & Johnson to inspire more high schoolers to embrace computer science

Seven weeks. 19 students. One incredible experience. We’re talking about the inaugural Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program hosted at the company’s Raritan location—and we captured it all on video. Watch as two high schoolers take us behind the scenes.

3 ways Johnson & Johnson is working to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace—and world

The company just released its inaugural Diversity & Inclusion Impact Review. We take a look inside its pages to see how the company’s striving every day to build a culture of belonging.

Innovation & imagination: 5 questions for Johnson & Johnson’s Chief Global Supply Chain Officer

There’s a reason why the company is consistently honored for its supply chain work. We look at what it really takes to keep the large-scale operation humming—and constantly evolving.

These 6 university researchers are ready to change the world with their inventions

They’re the winners of the second annual Johnson & Johnson WiSTEM2D Scholars Award, thanks to such amazing innovations as tattoos that can monitor changes in your metabolism. Meet them and their groundbreaking work.

Meet 5 change agents who are helping advance gender balance

One way we can all help improve the trajectory of health for humanity? Bridge the gender gap so more women can shine, innovate and put their mark on the world. Women like these Johnson & Johnson movers and shakers.

Caring & giving around the globe: 43 Johnson & Johnson programs that are transforming lives—and the future of healthcare

Check out this fun interactive map for a glimpse at how the company is helping people on nearly every continent live healthier lives.