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espite being preventable and curable, tuberculosis (TB) is among the world’s deadliest infectious diseases, killing 1.5 million people in 2020—more than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined. Underserved communities bear the largest burden, with more than 95% of TB-related deaths occurring in low- and middle-income countries, but this airborne disease knows no borders.

Growing drug resistance is compounding this public health challenge. In 2020, there were nearly half a million new cases of drug-resistant (DR-TB), which does not respond to the most frequently used first-line TB medicines. Just over 150,000 of these patients were diagnosed, meaning there are approximately 350,000 people with DR-TB who do not know they are infected. Drug-resistant TB now accounts for nearly one-third of all deaths directly attributable to antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Disruptions to health systems and diversion of resources caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are worsening the situation, resulting in 1.3 million fewer people diagnosed and reported for TB in 2020 than in 2019 and deaths increasing for the first time in a decade.

For nearly 20 years, both in the lab and at the last mile of healthcare in countries impacted by TB and DR-TB, Johnson & Johnson has been supporting global efforts to end TB and combat AMR.

Our Mission: Enabling a World Without TB
Our Mission: Enabling a World Without TB
In 2012, our medicine for pulmonary MDR-TB was granted accelerated approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration (U.S. FDA) for use as part of a combination therapy in adults when an effective treatment regimen cannot otherwise be provided. This was the first targeted TB drug with a novel mechanism of action to be approved in more than 40 years.

Today, our TB medicine is approved in many countries around the world, including in many high-burden countries, and registration efforts are ongoing in several others. It is also available to more than 130 low- and middle-income countries procuring the medicine through the Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility.

By the Numbers

Courses of our medicine delivered to date
Courses of our medicine provided for free through a four-year donation program
TB by the Numbers: 105,000 courses of our medicine provided for free through a four-year donation program alt
Countries accessing our medicine, including the 30 highest-burden countries
Countries in which our medicine has been approved
TB by the Numbers: 69 countries in which our medicine has been approved alt

Our 10-Year Initiative

In September 2018, Johnson & Johnson reaffirmed its continued commitment to the fight against TB by announcing a new 10-year initiative with three pillars:

  • Expanding access to treatment by offering a not-for-profit price to 130+ low- and middle-income countries, as well as non-governmental organizations, procuring our medicine through the Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility
  • Supporting global efforts to help find the “missing millions” of people with undiagnosed TB and MDR-TB and connect them to care, including by training health workers, ensuring careful stewardship of our MDR-TB medicine to protect its long-term effectiveness, engaging youth and raising community awareness

Our Global Efforts to End TB

Champions to #EndTB

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TB is an often-overlooked area in global health, and our 10-Year Initiative aims to change that. We’re working and partnering in new and unprecedented ways to modernize treatment, improve patient-finding and connect more patients with care – all with the goal of ending TB once and for all.

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To build a world without TB, we must bring this disease out of the shadows and address the biggest barriers that prevent people from seeking care. Young people can play a key role in bringing about this change, which is why it’s so important to meaningfully invest in the potential of youth as champions of change for themselves, their families, their peers and their communities.

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The greatest opportunity to accelerate the fight against TB is right now in this new decade.

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What inspires me to fight TB is our mothers, our fathers, our patients, our nurses, our healthcare providers.

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We can’t beat TB alone. That’s why we’re honored to join forces with our partners in the quest to create the first pan-TB treatment. Together, we can transform TB treatment and end this disease once and for all.

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Johnson & Johnson is advancing the fight against TB by doing much beyond the pill. We are engaging with partners at the national and international levels to ensure that we work with them to build the capacity and the systems needed to ensure that treatment is accessible.

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I'm committed to tackling TB because TB is a neglected disease. A lot of other diseases have gotten a lot of public focus ... I'm really committed to making it history. And we can. It's a curable disease.

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When we end TB, patients and families can go back to their normal lives. Then, we can apply and scale up learnings from TB elimination efforts to help more patients in other areas.

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News and Updates

Learn Why Now’s the Time to Act

Pathway to Progress

J&J Announces New Youth-Focused Initiatives

Johnson & Johnson announces a series of initiatives aimed at helping empower a generation of youth to end TB in support of the Company’s efforts to help find the “missing millions.”

New Compound Is Identified

Janssen investigates possible compound for the treatment of MDR-TB.

Janssen’s MDR-TB Medicine Shows Promise

Janssen team publishes study in Science showing new drug killed TB bacteria—including drug-resistant bacteria—in the test tube and in a mouse model at faster rate than existing TB drugs.

Medicine Receives Accelerated FDA Approval

Our MDR-TB medicine is granted accelerated approval by the U.S. FDA as the first targeted drug with a novel mechanism of action against TB in more than 40 years.

 J&J enters agreement for Russia and CIS alt

Agreement Signed for Russia and CIS

Our company enters into a commercial licensing agreement with JSC Pharmstandard for the registration, commercialization and manufacturing of MDR-TB medicine for Russia and several other countries in the region.

European Medicines Agency alt

Europe Grants Conditional Approval

Following a positive opinion from the European Medicines Agency, the European Commission grants conditional approval of our medicine for MDR-TB.

A photo of two scientists in a lab alt

Johnson & Johnson Enters Collaboration With Global Drug Facility

This partnership with a procurement agent for the Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility (GDF) helps to facilitate access to the company’s MDR-TB medicine.

Scientists with microscope alt

Collaboration Announced to Further Evaluate Medicine

Janssen announces collaboration with the International Union Against TB and Lung Disease (The Union) to include our MDR-TB medicine in two arms of the STREAM study, an ongoing trial to evaluate MDR-TB treatment regimens.

Bedaquiline Donation Program alt

Johnson & Johnson Launches Four-Year Donation Program

Our company commits to provide up to 30,000 courses of our medicine, free of charge, in up to 110 eligible countries through a donation program with USAID and Pharmstandard (quantities later increased, see March 2019).

Medicine alt

MDR-TB Medicine Added to WHO Essential Medicines List

The World Health Organization adds our MDR-TB medicine to its Essential Medicines List.

Prix Galien alt

Janssen Wins Prestigious International Award

Our MDR-TB medicine receives an International Prix Galien Award, recognizing excellence in scientific innovation to improve human health.

Johnson & Johnson Announces Extension of Donation Program

In response to high demand, Johnson & Johnson commits to provide an additional 30,000 courses of treatment through its donation program with USAID and JSC Pharmstandard; ultimately donated 105,000 courses (see March 2019).

Man in South Africa alt

South African Government Leads the Way

South Africa becomes the first country to recommend a bedaquiline-containing, injection-free regimen for all eligible MDR-TB patients.

Woman smiling alt

Johnson & Johnson Offers Not-for-Profit Price to Eligible Countries

Johnson & Johnson announced that our MDR-TB medicine would be made available at a not-for-profit price to more than 130 countries procuring our medicine through the Stop TB Partnership’s Global Drug Facility.

New Study Suggests Cost-Effectiveness of Our MDR-TB Medicine

A new cost-effectiveness study suggests both long- and short-course regimens containing our MDR-TB drug, without injectables, are cost-effective and provide significant health system savings.

Johnson & Johnson Announces 10-Year TB Initiative

Johnson & Johnson announces new 10-year TB initiative aimed at improving case finding, expanding treatment access and advancing R&D.

WHO Finalizes New MDR-TB Treatment Guidelines

The World Health Organization announces revised treatment guidelines for MDR-TB that categorize our medicine as a “Group A” medicine to be prioritized when constructing a conventional (long-course) regimen for MDR-TB.

Women smiling alt

Conclusion of Successful Donation Program

Johnson & Johnson ultimately committed 105,000 courses of our MDR-TB medicine, free of charge, to 80 countries through four-year donation program with USAID and JSC Pharmstandard.

Man in India alt

Johnson & Johnson-Supported EIU Report Launches

Report estimates DR-TB deaths in a single year cost the global economy at least US$17.8 billion and calls for action to end the epidemic.

Johnson & Johnson Launches New R&D Collaboration

Johnson & Johnson partners with the EU’s Innovative Medicines Initiative and eight European academic and research institutions to launch a new collaborative aimed at accelerating the discovery of new TB medicines.

J&J commits $500 million to help end HIV and TB

J&J announces four-year commitment, focused on developing new innovations and accelerating the delivery of existing and new tools to combat both epidemics.

FDA Approves Our MDR-TB Medicine for Adolescents

The U.S. FDA grants approval for the medicine as part of combination therapy for eligible patients over the age of 12 and younger than 18 with pulmonary multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB).

WHO Recommends All-Oral DR-TB Treatment Regimens

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the use of all-oral regimens containing our medicine for all drug-resistant tuberculosis patients.

New Global Collaboration to Develop Transformative Treatments

Johnson & Jonson joins a global consortium of philanthropic, non-profit and private sector organizations to accelerate the development of novel “pan-TB” treatment regimens.

FDA Approves Pediatric Formulation of Our MDR-TB Medicine

Johnson & Johnson receives the first regulatory approval for the pediatric formulation of our medicine.

J&J and Partners Announce Efforts to Scale-Up Access

J&J and Stop TB Partnership announce joint efforts to accelerate scale-up of WHO-recommended, all-oral treatment regimens and drive progress toward the global goal of ending TB.

J&J Announces Initiatives to Find the “Missing Millions”

Johnson & Johnson announces five initiatives to help find and deliver care to the “missing millions” of adults and children living with TB who have not yet been diagnosed.

Pediatric Formulation of MDR-TB Medicine Receives European Commission Approval

J&J’s pediatric TB formulation is approved for use by the European Commission.

J&J Launches Centers for Global Health Discovery

First Satellite Center for Global Health Discovery is launched at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, aimed at accelerating new TB drug regimens.

Pediatric Formulation of MDR-TB Medicine Added to WHO Essential Medicines List

WHO adds the pediatric-friendly formulation of our MDR-TB medicine to the Model List of Essential Medicines (EML) and EML for children.

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