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      Addressing new manufacturing challenges in carbon-uptake plastics: Meet WiSTEM2D Scholars Award Winner Sabbie A. Miller

      Each year, Johnson & Johnson selects outstanding female researchers from across the globe who are driving breakthroughs in STEM2D. See how recent winners are using the critical funding and mentorship opportunities that come along with the WiSTEM2D Scholars Award.

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      Circular crop of headshot of WISTEM2D awardee Sabbie Miller

      Year: 2021
      University: University of California, Davis
      Discipline: Manufacturing
      Country of Origin: USA
      Research: Advancing optimization of plastics manufacturing

      Dr. Sabbie A. Miller is working to optimize plastics manufacturing, with the goal of mitigating harm to both human health and the environment.

      Thanks to funding from the WiSTEM2D Scholars program, she has been able to publish more, hire a new Ph.D. student, and offer M.S. research positions to students that identify as female or non-binary. “The flexibility of this award aided in facilitating my long-standing goal to support students from this underrepresented group in my field,” she says.

      Dr. Miller says the WiSTEM2D Scholars Award has led to multiple guest speaker requests, which in turn has broadened her research network and furthered her career. “This award has given me an extra boost in establishing myself as an early-career scholar in the field,” she says. “It has offered unique opportunities that I am not certain I would have had otherwise.”

      She highly recommends that other women in STEM2D apply for the award. “It gives one the freedom to address new challenges. And it can act as a foundation for building up a research domain,” she says. Her advice to women aspiring for a career in STEM2D: “Do not sell yourself short; do not succumb to imposture syndrome; and do not let others diminish your ambitions.”

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