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Application Process

Application Phase 1

In addition to general contact details and demographics, the scholar applicant is responsible for the provision of documents into the Fluid Review system, including non-confidential letters of recommendation.

  • Submit a department head letter of recommendation (One applicant per university per letter of STEM2D) .
  • Write 1,000 words (plus one page of images) detailing your proposed area of research.
  • Create and submit a one-minute digital video describing, as simply as possible, the impact of the research on your area of STEM2D and your own personal impact as a potential future leader in STEM2D.
  • Submit PDF files of three selected publications or pieces of portfolio that represent your most important contributions with a focus on the most recent five years.
  • Submit your resume (three pages, font size 11), including a list of publications, presentations, abstracts, current financial support already obtained, other folio work and two references.
  • Brief outline of budget for proposed research

Application Phase 2

  • Present a five-minute summary of the proposed research and societal impact in a digital video.
WiSTEM2D Scholars Award
The Johnson & Johnson WiSTEM²D Scholars Award Program will help develop female leaders and support innovation in STEM fields.