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      Evolving and growing protein-based bioelectronics: Meet WiSTEM2D Scholars Award Winner Noémie-Manuelle Dorval Courchesne

      Each year, Johnson & Johnson selects outstanding female researchers from across the globe who are driving breakthroughs in STEM2D. See how recent winners are using the critical funding and mentorship opportunities that come along with the WiSTEM2D Scholars Award.

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      Circular crop of headshot of WISTEM2D awardee Noémie-Manuelle Dorval Courchesne

      Year: 2022
      University: McGill University (Montreal, Quebec)
      Discipline: Engineering
      Country of Origin: Canada
      Research: Evolving and growing protein-based bioelectronics

      As we rely more and more on wearable or implantable medical devices for monitoring and diagnostics, it’s important to develop materials that are harmonious with the human body. Devices need to be flexible to accommodate motion, biocompatible to avoid adverse effects, and able to detect small physiological changes.

      Noémie-Manuelle Dorval Courchesne is researching the viability and scalability of “green” protein-based bioelectronics to solve both biomedical and environmental challenges.

      “I am very excited to embark on this journey as new WiSTEM2D Scholar this year,” she says. “I am sure that the funding provided through this program will help me recruit talented researchers for my laboratory.”

      The mentorship portion of the WiSTEM2D Scholars Award is also important to Dorval Courchesne. “Surrounding yourself with successful women mentors can be highly motivating and probably the best demonstration that this work is possible,” she says. “I think it is important to have confidence in ourselves and to firmly believe that both women and men can equally contribute to scientific discoveries and new breakthroughs.”

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