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Scholar Spotlight: Meet Our Past Winners

Looking at Malaria from a Mathematical Perspective: Meet WiSTEM2D Scholars Award Winner Dr. Miranda Teboh-Ewungkem

Each year, Johnson & Johnson selects outstanding female researchers from across the globe who are driving breakthroughs in STEM2D. See how recent winners are using the critical funding and mentorship opportunities that come along with the WiSTEM2D Scholars Award.
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Year: 2022
University: Lehigh University (Bethlehem, PA)
Discipline: Math
Country of Origin: Cameroon
Research: Multiscale mathematical model to understand malaria

Miranda Teboh-Ewungkem is developing a multiscale mathematical model to help medical researchers better understand the transmission of malaria. She proposes to use her WiSTEM2D Scholars Award funding to refine her model and pinpoint places where therapeutic interventions might have most effect. The award will enable Dr. Teboh-Ewungkem to spend several dedicated months on her research, including visits to her collaborators in Africa.

“Being a recipient really empowered me and gave me a burst of energy to tackle bigger projects and problems relating to the grant,” says Dr. Teboh-Ewungkem, who learned about the program from her math department coordinator at Lehigh University. “This program is important for women because it empowers them, acknowledges their work, and sets them on a strong and positive path towards being great leaders,” she says.

The mentorship aspect of the WiSTEM2D award is also a great benefit, according to Teboh-Ewungkem. “Find great mentors to look up to and do not hesitate to reach out to them when needed,” she says.

For Teboh-Ewungkem, working as a woman in STEM2D is all about resilience. “No matter how many times you are told you cannot do it, or that you are not good enough, or that your work is not of high quality—smile, dig down and work hard,” she says. “Believe in yourself and your capabilities and work hard to achieve your goals.”

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