Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centers

Advancing the development of new healthcare solutions means fueling the best science through collaboration and exchange of ideas. Johnson & Johnson Innovation represents a new approach to partnering aimed at advancing early-stage innovation. Our teams of science and business experts, based in regional innovation centers, collaborate with innovators to accelerate cutting edge science into healthcare solutions.

Accelerating Early-Stage Innovation

With the current pressures on the healthcare innovation ecosystem, it’s more critical than ever to find new ways to accelerate scientific breakthroughs to benefit patients worldwide. By working together with scientists and entrepreneurs at universities, academic institutes and start-up biotech companies, and by employing collaborative and flexible deal structures, we seek to identify and invest in a wide variety of prior to clinical proof of concept innovations. We will be a part of the innovation community and share a diverse range of expertise and resources.

Broad Areas of Opportunity

The Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies are uniquely positioned to bring innovative ideas to life. We are a broadly based healthcare company with businesses in the Consumer, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Devices sectors. The newly announced innovation centers will serve as regional hubs focused on identifying and investing in prior to clinical proof of concept innovations and to facilitate collaboration across the three sectors.

Traditional Business Development will continue to lead our business development activities in later stages, including late-stage licensing, commercial collaborations (regional and local), acquisitions, and alliance management.

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