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Caring & Giving
Our Strategy and Approach

At Johnson & Johnson, we believe designing and manufacturing more sustainable products is key to creating a healthy future. We recognize each of our products has a footprint, whether it is the energy used to operate a medical device or the materials required to package a consumer product. The Earthwards® approach defines how we address the environmental and social impacts of our products, and engages development teams in designing innovative and more sustainable solutions across a product’s lifecycle – from formulation and manufacturing, to product use and end-of-life.

Earthwards® is an integral part of Johnson & Johnson’s Healthy Future 2015 goal to improve the sustainability of our products and packaging. We’ve surpassed our 2015 goal to make sustainability improvements to 60 of our products, and through 2015 have recognized 80 products, valued at more than $9 billion in revenue, into our Earthwards® portfolio. While we reached our goal ahead of schedule, Johnson & Johnson will continue to innovate to address our footprint and meet our customers’ evolving needs.

Our Path to More Sustainable Products
When we launched the Earthwards® process in 2009, we used it to focus and challenge our product teams. Today, we have integrated and expanded the original process across our company, and use the Earthwards® approach to drive continuous innovation by:

Requiring new products to:

Meet product stewardship requirements: new products must achieve regulatory compliance and deliver on Johnson & Johnson’s high standards.


Be reviewed for lifecycle impacts: The lifecycle impacts of products are reviewed at the category level and opportunities to drive improvements are considered at the design, procurement, manufacturing and marketing stages of a product’s development.

Inviting every product team to:

Implement and validate improvements: Product teams collaborate with sustainability experts to implement recommended improvements, and environmental marketing claims are reviewed and approved in accordance with applicable guidelines.

Encouraging the most sustainable product teams to:

Achieve Earthwards® recognition, an honor celebrating our most innovative and improved products. If a product achieves at least three significant improvements across our seven impact areas, a board of internal and external experts determines if the product warrants Earthwards® recognition. Within our Earthwards® recognized product portfolio, we have made more than 290 significant improvements across the seven impact areas.


Third Party Assurance
Earthwards® is a rigorous approach that goes through an annual third-party assurance audit conducted by UL Environment. UL Environment provides ongoing assurance reviews of the Earthwards® approach and verifies that program guidelines and minimum requirements are being properly followed.

Emerging Issues
The proactive identification of stakeholder concerns is critical to understanding our impacts and a core component of strategic and tactical product stewardship planning. Our enterprise-wide Emerging Issues Committee identifies, tracks, and communicates emerging environment, health and safety and sustainability science and policy-based issues. This committee specifically looks for issues that may impact Johnson & Johnson’s ability to adequately manage risk and fulfill our responsibilities to our employees, partners, customers and patients, the public and the environment.

We continue to focus on issues including nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals in the environment, bio monitoring, endocrine disrupting chemicals and emerging chemical policy, and we will continue to evaluate and respond to these and other emerging issues.

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