Protecting Our People

When you feel your best, you do your best. But when something is troubling or hurting you, it’s difficult to set those concerns aside and focus on work.

At Johnson & Johnson, we provide support programs and services to help our employees live healthier and safer lives – at work, home and on the road. This is good for our people and good for our business.

Our programs extend to employees’ loved ones, too. We understand that when loved ones are in harm's way, employees can’t help but be preoccupied and worried about them.

Our employees innovate, create, develop and improve our products every day. We strive to do what’s right for them.

More information can be found within the Citizenship & Sustainability section of this website.

  • Mental Well Being

    Our Employee Assistance Program helps employees and their families face struggles that affect mental health and quality of life.

  • Healthy People

    We offer many health improvement programs that strengthen our people and, ultimately, our business.

  • Healthy Working Environment

    Our industrial hygiene, toxicology and occupational health programs ensure that employees who work with active pharmaceutical ingredients and other potentially hazardous materials are protected.

  •  HIV/AIDS Initiatives

    Our policy on HIV/AIDS assures confidentiality and non-discrimination of employees and their dependents living with HIV/AIDS.

  • Workplace Safety

    We have a number of programs to help prevent injuries and to keep employees safe every day.

  • Ergonomics

    How employees sit, move and lift while working can affect their physical health. Our ergonomics programs improve comfort and productivity.

  •  Fleet Safety

    Certain jobs require long hours driving. SAFE Fleet helps employees drive skillfully and gives them access to all our health and safety programs.

  •  CEO Cancer Gold Standard™

    The CEO Cancer Gold Standard was developed to assist organizations in reducing the burden of cancer. Johnson & Johnson is dedicated to maintaining a high standard of excellence in cancer prevention, early detection and quality care for all of its employees and their families.